Quick Links for 9/29

Let’s bang through some quick links and hope actual news happens today so it can be reported on tomorrow.

Yesterday we were headed down Pacific Ave by UOP and saw not one, not two, but 3 cop cars in the vicinity of one of the fraternities and that Methodist church with the weird roof. No doubt some shit was going down. So what caused the massive manhunt? A guy got mugged on California Street. That’s right, Stockton PD dedicated 3 police units (and possibly a fourth) to catch a guy who stole a cell phone and a wallet. What are we? Lodi?

If you can’t trust a back alley hooker, then just who the hell can you trust. Consider our moral fiber shaken to the very bone.

Oh hey, just what downtown revitalization was missing. A big ass movie screen. At least we can avoid that drive to Dublin when Transformers 2 comes out. Nothing’s hotter than a 6-story tall Megan Fox.

We’re kind of wondering what’s so strange about this story of a guy who (allegedly) killed his cellmate while trying to beat a concealed weapon rap on a technicality. Guy with history of criminal behavior commits crime, kept off street. Throw in the fact that a child molester died and this is the feel good story of the year. Man, Stockton rocks.

For the record, this was not us. Mighty tempting though. That’s like 500 points. 600 if he had a walker.

In what can only be described as a throwback column, Fitzy again tells us that the reason downtown hasn’t succeeded is because we’re not moving there. In the process he pretty much ignores every real reason downtown hasn’t succeeded. You know, that whole booking shitty acts and picking one of the more dangerous spots in the city as a family gathering place. But it can all be fixed with homes downtown!


~ by Slick Diaz on September 29, 2008.

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