The Record loves having gas

If there’s one compliment we can give The Record, it’s that they have an eerily dedicated gas price beat. It all started this summer when they flipped cookies over the 76 by March Lane and I-5 lowering their prices below $4. Then there was the story about the gas station in Lathrop that offered sub-$2 gas for a grand total of 2 hours. And then we get to today. That Shell station off the Crosstown (oops) by Charter and I-5 is slashing prices by 40 cents(!)…for the first 10 gallons…if you also buy a car wash. Ummm, what? That’s news?

We may not be the best at math, but 40 cents multiplied by 10 gallons is $4. Car washes at that gas station range from $4-$9, did we miss the part where there’s a deal? Because we sure as hell missed the part where a gas station offering free car washes was news. What’s next? Man rides bus to work?

The Morada Raley’s offers a car wash comparable to Shell’s $9 car wash for $5. They saved us $4! Quick! Send Joe Goldeen over, fast!


~ by Slick Diaz on October 1, 2008.

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