The Devil Rays and the Phillies go at it today in game 1 of the World Series. The Record’s eerily fired up considering it’s between two east coast teams with only one local connection. Oh, you didn’t know there’s a local connection to one of the World Series teams? You must not have read anything Bob Highfill’s written in the past 2 months. Today’s article talks about how quiet and down to earth Bartlett is. So quiet in fact that it extends to the phones at St. Mary’s. Everybody wants to talk to Cole Hamels’s old high school, but nobody wants to call St. Mary’s for a quote. Why? Obviously it’s because he’s quiet, keeps to himself, and plays the game right. Or it could be because Cole Hamels is the game one starter and ace of the Phillies’ rotation while Jason Bartlett is an expendable shortstop with average numbers at best.

Apparently it’s Red Ribbon Week again. For those without kids, Red Ribbon Week is drug awareness week for elementary schools. Granted, in Stockton it’s hard to go a week without being aware of drugs, but I guess it’s good to have a designated week for it.

Speaking of drugs, SJ County has finally decided to begrudgingly give us our medical marijuana ID cards. But they really want you to know they’d prefer not to. They even spout off hilarious “facts” like the uncertainty regarding how much sticky icky one is allowed to posses with the card. Clearly the Board doesn’t smoke, because if you ask any stoner about medicinal doja they’ll spout off information like the fucking rain man. And then they’ll promptly lose their keys…and car. Props to Zach Johnson for the quality lead though.

And finally, in our ongoing effort to find all local blogs, someone sent in a link to a site dedicated to bringing down Lathrop Mayor Kristy Sayles. We’re not saying we agree with what’s on the site, because frnakly we’re still shocked that Lathrop gets it’s own mayor. But hey, there it is. It is kind of adorable to watch somebody feud with the Manteca Bulletin though.

Oh, and Dolemitewatch continues. Give a great American hero his due Record!


~ by Slick Diaz on October 22, 2008.

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