Quick Links for Oct. 24th

So it turns out the answer to our pop quiz was Z. somebody left the stove on. Which..um…fires still start that way? What were they baking? A stack of newspapers? I know of a rube who may have a spare stack.

Your winner, and still the undisputed Foreclosure Champion, Stockton “of fun” California! Wooo! Another successful title defense is in the books. Although to be fair, nobody really stood a chance at taking our foreclosure title as we were a tenth of a percentage point ahead of 2nd place Las Vegas.

Fitzy joins us and the Record’s editorial staff in opposing Prop. 8. I still can’t believe this is going to a vote. I hate throwing out extreme terms but this issue warrants it. A “yes” vote on Prop. 8 is a vote to reinstitute segregation in California. Separate but equal practices didn’t work when they were applied to African Americans and they won’t work if applied to homosexuals. For the love of God, this is the 2000s right?

Looks like Stockton’s gunning for a run onFlip This House. Hey, there’s an idea to help Stockton’s budget. Let’s start a reality tv show about flipping foreclosed homes called “Flip This Shit”. Because Lord knows we need more fucking reality shows.

Highlight of this article? Police believe the victim was shot, but are awaiting autopsy results. If he was shot, shouldn’t it be fairly obvious? Judging by the mugshots, we seriously doubt they used a blow dart gun.

Dolemitewatch enters day 3 (or is it 4? We can’t remember). Getting this late in the game the only people who will probably be able to give that mothafucka his due is the 3-Minute Record. Hecteman, Giblin, it’s on you two. You gave some stupid fashion guy his due, but not a cultural icon like Dolemite? For shame.


~ by Slick Diaz on October 24, 2008.

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