Quick Links for Oct. 28th

Ok, we’re back today. Sorry for the impromptu 3-day weekend. Let’s bang out some quick links.

Stockton Police were involved in a gnarly looking intersection crash, that sounds familiar. Stockton PD hits an expensive SUV? There’s some sort of budget cuts/falling gas prices angle in there somewhere. Quick! Someone call Joe Goldeen! Police Chief Robocop never would have let this happen.

OMG gas prices dropped 15 whole cents over the weekend! That’s enough to buy a comic book in the 60s! We’ve said somewhere before that this isn’t actual news until we get sub-$2 gas. Which means it’s a story in Ohio, but not here. While we’re here, does anybody know the statistics on the number of crashes everybody’s favorite publicity stunt over at March and I-5 has caused? We ask because we were drivng by there around 5 or so and had someone shoot out in front of us to get out from behind the line that 76 had caused to spill out into the street with it’s low low gas prices. Anybody who’s driven near March and I-5 after 5pm knows it takes roughly 35 years to get to the other side of the freeway, so thanks 76 for somehow making that area even more annoying to drive in. Fucking cocktacos.

If you plan to vote (and statistics say you probably are) and you’re not reading David Siders’ blog, you’re doing yourself and your city a great disservice. On the flip side, if you’re not reading Mike Fitzgerald’s blog, we don’t blame you. We don’t really like reading about tree groups and old boats that were built here 80 years ago either.

Speaking of things we don’t really like to read, the opening paragraph of Bob Highfill’s column this week says it all. “When will the horror end? Not soon enough for these random thoughts on a Tuesday…” Couldn’t have said it better myself Bobby. Those random thoughts were horrific. And for the love of God, the NBA regular season starts tomorrow and you’re waxing poetic about Michigan’s bowl chances? We saw the overall NBA preview phone in job that was in the Sports section over the weekend, but what about one dedicated to the Kings? Does anybody know about basketball over there? Where’s Jagdip Dhillon when you need him?

The city of Stockton should be begging for someone to build a decent downtown music venue, which is why we find it absolutly mind boggling that Middagh is the one doing the begging. Someone with a knowledge of Stockton and a history of putting on good, safe shows wants to support downtown revitalization? Fuck! Quick, put up a road block! What the fuck City Council? What the fuck?

Crime reporter Christian Burkin has seen the light and recognized the change Robocop can bring to Stockton as Police Chief. And yes, we recognize that we’re linking to him linking to us linking to him. That sentence made my head hurt, I might have to lie down.

And finally, we got send this link to a CareerBuilder/MSN article about the 25 Worst Markets to find a job. Stockton comes in at a disappointing 10th. It is encouraging to see other valley cities show up for support though. Merced, Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield all made the list. Just kind of makes you beam with California pride, doesn’t it?


~ by Slick Diaz on October 28, 2008.

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