Quick Links for Monday Nov. 3rd

How ’bout dem Raiders huh? We know it’s because of league territory rules, but we’d like to extend a hearty “fuck you” to CBS for cutting out from the Green Bay/Titans OT to give us a game that didn’t matter in any way shape or form. And on top of that Jamarcus Russell laid yet another proverbial turd on Sunday. Thus proving once again that you should never, ever draft a QB with the number 1 over all pick. The Niners learned that lesson, and now the Raiders are. You know it’s a bad idea when a year and a half into your NFL career teammates are openly pining for the team to sign a convicted felon to replace you. Also, instead of spending time practicing endzone celebrations, maybe they should have worked on how to maintain positive yardage throughout the half. Or how to get first downs. By the way, this is the more original analysis than you’ll get in the Record tomorrow. Because God forbid Bob Highfill write an in-depth column devoted to a single topic. But hey, let’s knock out some quick links.

Wow, that IMAX thing happened pretty quickly didn’t it? Now if only they would start playing good movies on it we’d be set!

The embattled Sheraton Hotel finally instituted some changes. Unfortunately all that really changed was it’s name.

I think we have a front runner for November’s rube of the month. Bryan Bjork still hasn’t given the city and the arena their money back for that whole rodeo thing that happened a while back. But wait, we thought he was just an honest man with a dream.

Up north in Lodi someone found a bomb just lying around. Lodi PD promptly blew it up before they could grab any identifying information on it. Because why would we want to find possible evidence as to who’s laving live bombs lying around?

If you don’t think we’re going to have something to say about this later today, well, you’d be mistaken.

Mike Klocke gave a mini-preview of the Record’s post-election coverage yesterday. Oh, and we can blame Don Blount for that annoying Halloween story contest apparently. Hannah Montana tickets as a storyline point? Are you fucking kidding me?


~ by Slick Diaz on November 3, 2008.

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