Soft News Mondays not nearly as fun as Sexy Fridays, Quick Links for Nov. 17th

Ok, we’re back on track this week I think. Slow news weeks suck, don’t they. How is the Record combatting this post-election news wasteland? By God, it’s a soft-newsapalooza!!

Addiction programs are unable to pay their licensing fees! They’re struggling! But they’re also managing!

Guess what? Charities are also struggling! Less people can afford to donate and more people need their services. Prepare to read this story 50 more times before the end of the year.

If charities are struggling, that must also mean that communities are struggling! Old people die and have strokes and now noone can make pies for fundraising! How will West Point survive without their bake sale stars?

And if communities are strugling, kids are struggling! With what? Math! 4-year old preschoolers are being taught math in Valley Springs, cutting into nap times all across the foothills!

Not only that, elementary school children in Lincoln Unified are struggling with how to pronounce their newest trustee’s name! Even with the explanation is the article, I still can’t figure out how to pronounce it. I’m not even sure it matters because there’s absolutely no news in that story. Yay soft journalism!

And finally, newspapers are struggling! Nobody wants to hear their post-election stories. And for some reason Mike Klocke seems surprised. Even after telling us statistics show they readers don’t want post-election news, he proceeds to give us post-election stats.

They’re also struggling to stay under budget! In that same column Klocke announces the closure of the Record’s Lodi branch. The writers are still staying on, home base for them has just moved to Market St. instead of downtown Lodi. We also find out they trade local sports stories with the News-Sentinel. They can’t even do original reporting on local sports. Plus, this kind of eliminates the whole concentrating on local teams instead of the localish pro teams excuse doesn’t it?


~ by Slick Diaz on November 17, 2008.

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