Quick Links for Dec. 5th

We’re in day 4 of at least 7 and it looks like 7 days might be a conservative guess. Why? Kelly Lau decided it would be a great idea to give a jailhouse interview where she admits guilt. Not to the Record of course, but to ABC7 (KGO). As expected, it’s 15 different types of crazy. Lau and husband Mike Schumacher had a court appearance in Stockton yesterday. Hey look, Stockton’s technically on national tv! At least our not yet 12-story courthouse. People are going to be impressed when someone’s rights are violated in such a twisted manner that it grabs national headlines in 2013.

Think fast! A car ended up hitting a cop car after being spotted spinning donuts, who do you think is the culprit? If you said “some douchebag in a Honda” then you win! You also know Stockton very well. Douchebags in Hondas are a worse plague than Peruvian flute bands.

In “not at all surprising” news, there’s rumblings that the Arena Football League might fold soon amid reports that only 6 teams really want to continue into the 2009 season. If the league folds or at least suspends operations, what does that mean for Stockton’s afl2 team? What? You didn’t know we had an afl2 team? Yeah, the Lightening. Yup, afl2, for those not good enough to get into the regular afl. As you would expect it’s exciting football. I’m guessing nobody will notice or care about what happens to the Lightening. Just like before.


~ by Slick Diaz on December 5, 2008.

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