Quick Links for Dec. 9th

Teen Slave makes his way back into the news today after a couple day break. Nothing really new is revealed, his non-aunt Caren Ramirez just made her first court appearance. The party pooper judge issued a gag order on talking to the media so we’ll have to wait a while for any more new information. Duke did happen to drive by Tennis Lane in Tracy last week and remarked at how tall the wall between the house and InShape was, not to mention the kid still had to run across the tennis courts to get to the actual gym.

We said it last week but we’ll say it again, go to Delta and you’ll magically start mismanaging money. Delta Trustee Maria Serna resigned yesterday right before she plead no contest for milking Delta for even more cash. Here’s a hilarious quote from Serna’s resignation letter via the Record’s story, “On the advice of my physician, I can no longer fulfill my obligations with the college, and due to personal reasons, I will be having this resignation effective immediately.” I always consult my doctor before resigning in disgrace over embezzlement charges too. The fact that she had past problems with reimbursements makes us question how she could have gotten reelected. It also makes us again wonder how Raul Rodriguez still has his job. How many more scandals need to happen under his watch before enough is efuckingnough? Also, how dare she bring shame to the Serna name. Her brother, awesome former Sac Mayor Joe Serna (the only person to ever have the words “awesome” and “Sacramento mayor” associated with them), is probably rolling in his grave right now.

(Looks at “just in” story on recordnet.com home page) (Looks at Quick Links from Nov. 25th) (Looks back at recordnet.com homepage) (back to Quick Links) (repeats for 15 mins) Ummm, am I psychic? Or is the departure of Brea Jones just really getting to recordnet.com? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….WTF recordnet?

Degenerate gamblers everywhere rejoice! The horse races are back to June. The September dates just didn’t pan out, and by “didn’t pan out” we mean they were a colossal fucking failure. Kind of like we knew they were going to be.

Census figures came out today for those of you who like numbers. Nothing inherently shocking is revealed. Although I did miss the fertility question on my census sheet apparently.

Alright, we’ll admit, it is kind of cool that an election was won by 3 votes.

We wanted to link to the art roundup that pimped the art show featuring work by Disney animator Mel Shaw but of course something that’s on the front page of the LENS section of the Record can’t be on the front page of the LENS section of recordnet.com. The show’s at JLI on Pershing and runs Friday through Sunday. Duke claims to have seen Shaw’s private studio before and says there’s a lot of great work. We’re not really the artsy type, but trust us this will be a good show.

Speaking of the art community, Plea for Peace! I totally missed this article that apparently ran in Friday’s Record. But after reading it, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it seemed oddly familiar. Oh yeah, it’s just like this 209Vibe cover story except minus all the hilarious quotes from local artists calling out the city for it’s long held anti-music stance. My favorite quote being from Hey Manna!’s Daniel Guiterrez, “Every time anybody wants to do something for the Stockton music scene, it gets bashed into the ground.” Sounds about right. And while we’re here, how about a Plea for Peace permit hearing reminder? (Pulled, as always, from MySpace)

Public hearing regarding the request for a Use Permit to allow an activity center (art and music) with live entertainment consisting of amplified and non-amplified music, spoken word, performance art, art and theater at 630 East Weber Ave. Stockton.
We can use your support, if you are going to come out be on time and remember you don’t just represent the Plea for Peace Center but the future of Music and Art in Stockton.
Thanks for the support.
Middagh Goodwin

You hear that? You respect the future, so look respectable dammit. Leave the studded shit at home.


~ by Slick Diaz on December 9, 2008.

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