Quick Links for Dec. 12th

God damn Friday couldn’t have come fast enough this week. As a wise man once said, Thank God it’s Sexy Friday.

It’s probably sad that we were underwhelmed by the accusation that Teen Slave’s neighbor also hit him with a baseball bat. Probably because we’re slowly heading into week 3 of this story and nothing can really top the initial shock of the story. Now it’s just “Yeah, we already know he got kneecapped with a bat, give us something new or move the fuck on.” Hopefully we’re moving on. Gag orders make trials so boring. (Looks at calendar and realizes jury duty exemption is almost up) Fuck.

Food banks are still struggling. Imagine that. Is Christmas over yet? No? How about now? You can keep writing about Teen Slave Record, just stop writing these fucking charity stories. Like I said earlier this week everybody is struggling. I don’t see anybody coming to my place to write a depressing story about my lack of a Christmas tree and my surprisingly thin ration of booze.

Hey have you guys seen all those wacky things on the internets? Man, isn’t the wide wide world of web so crazy? I mean squirrel underpants? Who thinks up this stuff? Somebody should do a column about that crazy interweb with it’s things you can buy with a credit card. They just send it to your house! Underpants!! For squirrels! Isn’t that wild? Seriously, is Christmas over yet?

And in news that apparently isn’t important enough for the Record, the planning commission OK’ed the Plea for Peace Center last night. We were going to go but we got wicked stoned at a friend’s house and ended up playing Wii. If it’s any consolation I’m the John McEnroe of Wii Tennis and I owe my friend a new nunchuck. While we’re happy that the center was approved, this isn’t the end of it. Old people are known for their stubbornness so we expect this to be appealed. Hopefully Stockton tells them no since the petition in favor of the center had 10 times as many signatures as the one opposing it. Plus the center is non-profit which means we’ll actually have to support the venue with benefit shows and membership drives (one’s coming up next week). Last night was just the beginning folks, we still got a long road ahead.


~ by Slick Diaz on December 12, 2008.

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