Quick Links for Dec. 17th

Oh hey actual news. What’s up? Shit actually happened yesterday so let’s jump right into the Quick Links.

So Jason Anderson takes another crack at being a sports columnist today, an actual sports columnist who writes about a single subject. Last time he wrote about women’s basketball, but hey, at least it was in depth analysis on a single topic. Let’s see if his topic is any better this week….Jesus Tittyfucking Christ. It’s original analysis of the Sacramento Kings! Let it be known that apparently the only way to get a Record writer to write about the local professional teams is if the team does their best Raider impersonation and mow through 4 coaches in 4 years. As far as the column goes, it was good but he stops just short of the obvious conclusion. The Kings need to hire Eddie Jordan. He’s a Princeton offense coach and Petrie’s a Princeton offense GM. And nobody should ever even hint at Flip Saunders coaching the Kings ever again. Ever.

Stockton PD continued their “Here’s why we totally deserve a raise” tour yesterday by somehow colliding with a Manteca school bus. Which of course begs the question, does anybody in the Stockton Police Department know how to fucking drive? Are they taking driving lessons from my sister (who infamously got into 7 accidents during her first 6 months as a licensed driver)? Way to prove your worth guys.

Alright everybody, all together now. Na na na na , na na na na , hey hey hey , goooooodbye!

Nice to see people who campaigned with the promise of better management of the remainder of the Measure L funds are already looking to break that promise. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, building the campus in Mountain House was retarded beyond retarded. But we’ve kind of passed the point of no return now. Killing the Mountain House campus wouldn’t just piss everybody over there off, but it’ll only result in an assload of lawsuits. Lawsuits that the plaintiffs would win and then drain even more funds. Funds that I’m guessing they don’t have since it was probably already spent on designer luggage that someone was triple reimbursed for. Look Delta, we get it. Now that the changeover was happen you have to show how different you are from the previous board by finally acknowledging how shitty of an idea Mountain House was. Here’s an idea, how about you differentiate yourselves from the previous board by being honest, open, and by being fiscally responsible? That shit will do a lot more for Delta’s badly damaged public image than any showy public condemnation will ever do.

Don’t forget! You’re invited to a performance of the Nutcracker today at MLK Elementary. Unfortunately it’s not Black Nutcracker like Tracy’s Black Nativity from last month. Ok, we’ll ask. How is this news? Did I magically get transferred to the SUSD parent newsletter?

And finally, yes we saw Fitzy’s column today. We’ll have a whole lot more to say about it later on. But for now we’ll just question the intelligence of writing an anti-gun column in what is still pretty much a Republican county. I’d hate to be the guy who has to wade through the Letters to the Editor right about now (which may very well be Ian Hill now).


~ by Slick Diaz on December 17, 2008.

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