Shit to do for the weekend of 1/30-2/1

Hey look, January’s over. That went by kinda quickly. Wasn’t something supposed to happen at the end of January? Something big I thought. Which obviously means it pertains to me. Hmmm… Why is Aaron Davis saying goodby… Oh shit! The 31st is supposed to be the day goes dark! FUCK! What am I gonna do? Oh shit oh shit oh shit! How am I gonna know where and when shows are? Ahhhhh!

OK, just kidding. We hear they’re still fighting to keep it but no absolute word has come down yet. So, you know, keep visiting it so it’s hits stay up and I can easily guide you to which shows you should go too. Especially now that Aaron Davis apparently no longer will be doing so. I’m all you gots now bitches! Let’s breakdown Super Bowl weekend!

Sexy Friday (apparently KSK forgot the Sexy Friday post, we’ll link to it when they post it) 1/30

Ok, what the fuck is this shit? Only two listings? One that apparently was typed by a 5 year old and another advertising a lame ass youth center show? Fuck youth center shows. Those always suck. Plus, I know for a fact there’s a show at the Matinee tonight. The hippie broads at Fats kept bugging me to go. It’s even advertised on the back of the last print edition of 209Vibe, yet it’s not on Oh well, guess some bands aren’t as media-savvy as others.

Luckily Ian Hill lists shows other places, like Which is where we found out that Fats is apparently having comedy night tonight. I’m not a big fan of local comedians, mostly because they suck. But hey, it’s better than the weak ass 180 center. $10

Saturday 1/31

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that the Record’s completely ignored Saturday’s UFC 94 PPV even though Ultimate Fighter winner and Stockton resident Nate Diaz is on the card. Nobody? Yeah, that’s what I thought. There’s like 2 paragraphs about it buried in the middle of today’s sports section. So they at least know there’s a fight between BJ Penn and GSP, but they failed to take even a cursory glance at the rest of the card to see that Nate’s fighting Clay Guida in what should be a bad ass fight. Fuck I hate the Record’s sports pages. Feel free to catch UFC 94 in HD over at the Elbow Room at 7. Free

Or, if guys beating the shit out of each other isn’t your cup of tea, then head on over to the Plea for Peace Center at 6 to see Snap Jackson and some art show thingy. It’s only 2 bucks and you get to support the local art community without having to hang out with stuffy wine and cheesers. Really it’s win/win. $2

Superbowl Sunday 2/1

If I have to tell you what’s going on Sunday then get the fuck out of my face because I will headbutt you. Of course I’m talking about Puppy Bowl V! How this event isn’t sponsored by myRecord I’ll never know. Then there’s that whole football game thing too. Unfortunately I put all my money on a German Shepard to win MVP in the Puppy Bowl. Come onnnn Bella! Papa needs a new pair of shoes!


~ by El Duke on January 30, 2009.

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