We haven’t seen a game that exciting since the Kansas City Kings took on the San Diego Rockets.

Well shit, that was more exciting than it had any right to be. I still don’t know how Santino Holmes was able to get a foot and the tip of his cock to touch in bounds for the touchdown. And the penalties. Fuck, the endless penalties.

Of course for me, the lasting legacy might be this. Why is a story in our city’s podunk paper the lasting legacy of this game for me? I’m glad you asked. From the story by Record Sports writer Scott Linesburgh that appears on the front page of the Record today:

“The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Phoenix Cardinals while playing for the National Football League’s ultimate prize Sunday…” (emphasis ours)

Either we’ve been magically transported to the early 90s in some weird Groundhog’s Day twist (side note: FUCK!) or the Record’s Sports staff sucks! We’re (surprise!) leaning towards the latter. Especially considering the Sports copy editor is a Cards fan

We still can’t believe the Oilers didn’t beat the Baltimore Colts. Next year the L.A. Raiders are totally making a comeback.


~ by Slick Diaz on February 2, 2009.

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