Quick Links for Feb. 12th. Happy Birthday Lincoln! (And Darwin)

Damn, that rain came out of nowhere yesterday didn’t it? One second it was just sprinkling and then the next it’s hailing (yes, I saw hail yesterday). Fucking intense. Ok, I’m no good at idle small talk. Let’s just get to the Quick Links.

He’s gonna be California’s new governor whether we like it or not!

Fresh off of inadvertently killing any chances of Prop 8 being defeated (Everytime I’ve talked to somebody about this meeting they’ve mentioned the “Like it or not” line in a negative fashion. Even though, you know, he was right), the mayor of Hippietown is coming to Stockton to promote his image in the largely and unfortunately conservative San Joaquin Valley.

We’d love to go to this but they’re retardedly holding this event at the new University Center at UOP in a conference room that holds like 500 people tops. Considering the fact that UOP contains most of Stockton’s liberals and that the event is open to all of Stockton, not just UOP, this event should be a crowded debacle. Especially since the Record forgot to note that this is an RVSP-only event.

So don’t be surprised if there’s a last second venue change to the Faye Spanos Concert Hall or something. Sure, it’s not a green building (probably the reason it’s being held at the DeRosa Center), but it’s better than packing 500+ people in a room with folding chairs. So yeah, we suggest arriving around 5.

Ironically his breast implant procedure doesn’t involved any titty touching.

We’re not going to pretend that we know what it’s like to be in this situation, but how the fuck do you go back to the same guy after he fingers your vag during a tummy tuck? Granted, we’re nowhere near experts on the situation. Personally I’ve only been put under once and most of what I know about it stems from that one youtube video of that kid after the dentist, but I can imagine that if even I just thought somebody was messing with my shit while I was incapacitated I’d ask for a new doctor. But then again we can’t really fault the woman for going back because, again, we really have no idea what it’s like to be in this situation and don’t mean to offend anybody with the above comments. It’s just a shitty situation. And we really hope the victims get justice.

Oh, and that doctor is ballsy as hell to ask to be allowed to continue practicing medicine. Who the hell would go to him after these allegations?

Not that this is saying much, but I’d hit it

In other inappropriate touching news, a few more details have been released in the McNair student/teacher sex scandal. The mug shot is out. It was revealed she was an English teacher. No word on whether or not the student was in once of her classes. The fact that they intercepted her on her way to a late night rendezvous was pretty funny. Hopefully he had his homework done before he went out. Oh, and McNair students apparently echo our sentiments from yesterday since their quote about the teacher was that she was “Nice.”

We have to ask though, a 24-year old high school teacher? How could anybody think that was a good idea? The age difference is just way too close. It shouldn’t be possible for both teacher and student shouldn’t be nursing hangovers. All my English teachers in HS were old and dudes. Yet McNair, being a fairly new school, has an assload of young teachers. Like younger than any of us (although not by much). Something like this was inevitable. Although it really does beg the question, how old is 16 really?

Quick Hits

Who’s ready for “Reclaiming the Dry Bean Festival“?

I thought the Guerrero family creed was “lie, cheat, and steal” (or “Cheat to win” for you WCW fans). I don’t remember anything about stabbing. Uncle Eddie’s going to be pissed.

And Don Blount sees errors and explains the highly complicated corrections process!


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