Gods Wrath is Swift!

God:  Hey Y’all.  This is Spiteful, Vengeful God from the Old Testament.  Its been too long since I’ve fucked with people like I used to.  That New Testament me?  Eh.  Lets call it my Queer eye for the Straight God phase.  But thats done now.

Hmmmm, who to fuck with, let me think, oh you know, Damon, you’ll do just fine.  I want you to grab a baseball bat.
Damon:  Ok
God:  Hit your roomate.
Damon:  Ok
God:  Grab your gun.
Damon:  Ok
God:  Shoot him
Damon:  Ok
God:  Not the shoulder, you pussy.  Shoot his face!
Damon:  Ok
God:  You know what, get his hand to while your at it.
Damon:  Ok
God:  Now, drive to Manteca, get gas, and come back.
Damon:  Ok, thanks God!

~ by Bris Isaak on March 6, 2009.

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