What good has PD done for you?

Since we’ve lit up local law enforcement for their work (Or lack thereof) I saw this with Ryan Moats, running back for the NFL’s Texans, and couldn’t help but be amazed at what kids of jackasses PD can be, even to people in distress.  Lest we forget, the Stockton Police department has its own gag order on Melecio Arquines.  

And yes, I’m tying the two together.  Because the officers were more than willing to talk about Arquines when the shooting first happened, then questions arose as to why the man had bullet-holes in his screen door.  They obviously felt justified.  Just as this cop who lectured Moats on running a red light.  Lectured him long enough his mother in law died while the cop was still giving him the business.  When asked about it by his chief, the officer said he was just doing his job.  Wow.  
As for the Moats, I hate to run to the race card so quick.  Obviously this cop felt some sort of disgusting pride/arrogance that he felt the need to not only take almost 15 minutes in giving him a ticket for running a red light, be proceeded to continue an ongoing lecture of his attitude.  But that is cops.  Talk to any of them.  Shit, talk to the cops here in Stockton where we rank nationally high in all crime stats, yet they feel justified and entitled to a raise.  
I still turn to the argument that cops are only in it for the check, so they act accordingly.  Shooting a guy or holding a guy up from seeing a family member doesn’t register to them any worse than forgetting a cover letter on a TPS report.  Or at least, in looking at these two events, thats how they see it.  

~ by Bris Isaak on March 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “What good has PD done for you?”

  1. Yeah, I read about that a couple of days back. The cop was probably a fucking dork in high school that got picked on and now that he has a BADGE he has got to make up for his tewwible wife up to this point by being a fucking cock bag!

  2. tewwible wife = terrible life spoken by a fucking sissy. I didn’t realize when I was typing that out that it would result in talking about the dude’s wife, but now that I mention it, his wife is either a 437 lb sloth or a dude.

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