Quick Links for April 9th

Another day another Quick Links. Let’s do the damn thing.


Unfortunately the Record used the Hammertime joke already. But seeing Hammer do charity work in Stockton reminds me of an idea we had for an aborted Top 5 post.

The Top 5 was supposed to be Top 5 ways to improve Stockton’s public image and, by extension, generate revenue for the city. One of the ideas (and possibly the greatest idea ever.) was for the rapper turned reality star to buy up the dearly departed local landmark Hammer Skate. You can probably guess where we’re going with this but I’ll continue anyway. Hammer would reopen Hammer Skate as an 80’s themed roller rink that would occasionally feature cover bands and washed up legendary 80s performers. All while being documented by cameras for his new reality show “Stop! Hammer Skate!”

I know, we’re geniuses and it would be a great way to get Stockton some positive PR and it would presumably also feature the city as it tried to pull itself out of the economic hole we’re all in. Plus the tourism revenue could possibly be awesome because who wouldn’t want to skate around and wax nostalgic while Hammer and Flavor Flav (who would naturally be involved in some capacity) battle rap in the background.

You know you would watch that show. If/when this happens I better get my cut.

Stockton finally gets a Panda Express with a drive-thru

This is the Panda by Toys R Us, right? How the fuck does somebody jump that curb? Were they even looking at the road? Was the driver my friend who starts to turn as soon as you say “You’re gonna wanna take the next right” even though the turn isn’t for another couple hundred yards? Stockton drivers are fucking awesome.

When in doubt, check the opinion of Recordnet commenters and pick the opposite

We’re not exactly legal experts here, but when we saw this story previewed on David Siders’ blog and noticed all of the commenters seemed to come out on Lori Whittaker’s side (comments that suspiciously have been taken down now despite not being particularly incendiary), it kind of gave us an idea as to who’s right and who’s wrong in this situation. But because we’re known for our hard nosed research (I crack myself up), I bravely scrolled through the 15-page legal document posted in the linked post. You know, just to make sure our instincts were correct. And well, it looks like they were.

The accusations levied against City Attorney Ren Nosky appear to be petty and there seems to be an ulterior motive with this entire suit (namely, revenge for her cousin). The extend of the sexual harassment charges are “He looked at me funny” (the “leering” charge), “He tried to make small talk” (asking about her personal life), and “he talked about me behind my back!” (discussed her with other coworkers).

Of course, I’m just one guy with zero access calling them like I see them, but all of those charges are in the sexual harassment grey area. Because, let’s face it, what constitutes leering? I check out hot coworkers all the time, but am I sexually harassing them? Unless he was doing something obvious like talking to her tits instead of her face this seems like an incredibly vague charge. I can’t really say anything about the personal life questions because it depends on the questions he asked. If he asked her is she went out last night then that’s a perfectly reasonable question. If he asked her if it was a date or something that’s moving towards inappropriate but still fine. If he asked her if she got pounded like a railroad spike then, yeah, there’s an issue. And finally, talking about her body with other coworkers? I did that 10 minutes ago. People talk about their coworkers behind their backs. It happens all the fucking time. It’s part of workplace culture. Unless he was trying to float the theory around the office that a new set of tits would make her perfect while she was standing right in front of him then this is another vague claim in a legal gray area that, as a lawyer she knows all too much about.

Of course, the charges of sexual harassment are an appetizer. The main course is the allegations of a hostile work environment and inaction by the city in regards to her vague harassment claims. Which, if you read the document pretty much amounts to a whiney “Nobody listens to me anymore!”

She talks about her years of service and how Nosky came in and basically went in a different direction and she didn’t like it. She narcs out the city for considering the age of applicants for various jobs which, while technically illegal, is still pretty much done in every job ever. And then, she seems to be surprised that people would react negatively to that. And that’s before we get to the unsourced quote of “One Rishwain down, one to go” (although the whole inclusion of the Rishwain settlement seems to be to stir up populist furor over the fact that the city spent money on something that wasn’t cops) and what appears to be a half-assed apology from Nosky who admitted that he “was a real prick” to her.

I could go on, but at the end of the day it appears to me to be one giant bitching rant about how she didn’t get her way after lobbing vague allegations at Nosky that couldn’t be proved because it was a basic game of he said, she said.

I don’t know and have never met anyone involved in this case so really I’m not the best guy to pass judgement. I could be 100% wrong, and if I am please tell me so. But until then I’m just going to assume that somebody’s pissed that her new boss wouldn’t let her coast like her old boss. All based on the fact that Recordnet commenters immediately backed her.

Oh, and the apparent allegation that Leslie Martin is sexist towards women (I’m assuming she’s one of Does 1-50 considering she was mentioned in the document as someone who knew of the harassment shit and didn’t do anything) is fucking hilarious. The only way that could have been more hilarious is if she accused Susan Eggman of being sexist. If that had happened I’m not sure I’d be posting this today. I’d be too busy laughing.


~ by Slick Diaz on April 9, 2009.

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