Quick Links for May 28th

Sorry for the missed day yesterday, we’ve been busy with our real jobs. That’s not to say we haven’t been working on the site, we have, we just haven’t completed anything yet. The first half of El Duke’s Pub Crawl rundown is fucking gold, hopefully that’ll show up later this week. But until then, let’s knock out some Quick Links for this…really? It’s Thursday already? Bad fucking ass. Let’s do the damn thing and anticipate Sexy Friday.

Enough is enough Dino Sauro

Look, we get that people have different musical tastes than us. We get that Dave Brubeck was a fairly influential jazz musician. We get that Tony Sauro likes jazz, but for fuck’s sake, the deification of Dave Brubeck has to fucking end. It’s not that we don’t like his music. We’re not the biggest jazz fans in the world but we can appreciate what he did and “Time Out” isn’t too bad of an album. But for the love of Christ quit making him out like he gave a virgin birth to Miles Davis.

We understand why it happens, people are passionate about things and tend to write about their passion. We love Stockton, sports (although, ironically, not Stockton sports), drinking, and journalism so we write about that shit. Tony’s very passionate about jazz, so passionate that when you Google “Sauro Brubeck” on the Record’s site you get 228 results, a alarming number of which aren’t repeats.

Now, we’re not faulting Tony for his volumes of writing about UOP’s most famous graduate. Hell, if I could write 200+ columns on getting shitfaced I would. The problem we have is his glowing, almost masturbatory praise for anything the man touches. His columns are as if he pops a Viagra, flips on “Take Five”, and starts punching the porpoise only, you know, in written form (apologies for any mental images derrived from that analogy).

Again, we’re not saying Brubeck isn’t a good jazz musician, it’s just that the praise for him should only go so far. It’s not like he’s this big jazz titan that all hipsters (the original hipsters with the turtlenecks, berets, and fingersnapping. Not the Weezer-glasses variety) bow down to. Even the most dedicated local jazz fan has to admit that they probably wouldn’t have known about Brubeck if not for the way Stockton and UOP shove him down our throats every spring.

I guess the point of this rant is that while we understand Dave Brubeck is an importantish figure in jazz and an important figure locally, but we have to keep it in perspective. Not every article/column about jazz merits a Brubeck mention. And if it does, remember he’s just some dude who went to school here and not…ummm…shit, I’m out of super popular jazz musicians to liken him to. Yes, I only know one jazz musician. What of it?

How the weren’t we consulted for this?

So the Record did a feature on recession drinking, which was a great idea when we did it months ago. But, being the Record, they had to take a good idea and fuck it all up. Sure, the piece was informative, but who wants to hear about the drink specials at Paragary’s? I don’t want to spoil Duke’s Pub Crawl run down but fuck Paragary’s. If you show up for happy hour there’s a chance they’ll run out of alcohol. And Le Bistro? Really? Did they discount drinks so it only costs you and arm instead of an arm and a leg? Fucking Applebee’s!!!!???

Although my favorite featured special is the Matinee’s. $4 tall cans. That’s right, four bucks for a tallski (of domestic!) at what’s allegedly a martini bar. Or you can buy 2 tall boys for the low low price of $7. Or if you’re smart, you’ll run around the corner to the Hi and Bye and grab a tall can of Coors Light for two bucks.

So, since the gauntlet has been thrown down, allow us to come back with out suggestions for the real good drink specials out there for those looking for some cheap, drunken fun. For one, if you’re going to drink downtown nothing beats the dollar pints on Friday nights at Beach Hut Deli. The atmosphere is laid back and they usually have a pretty good acoustic band playing in the corner. And if you really want to throw down you have to check out Beer Pong Thursdays. Sure, the competition’s a little thin with all the college kids out of town, but just consider this a training period for when they come back in the fall. Nothing damages their frail egos quite like getting schooled by a townie in a game invented by college kids.

If beer’s not your thing then we highly suggest hitting up the happy hour at BWDW Fat’s Bar and Grill. It runs all the way ’til 8 and you get $5 Long Islands $5 Jagerbombs and other assorted stiff drinks. But don’t worry, it’s not some sort of alcoholic haven, Tuesdays are actually family night and parents are encouraged to bring the kids to belt out some kid friendly karaoke tunes while Pops gets sloshed on drop shots. And, as the bonus, the family shit ends at 9 and then the hardcore drinking begins with $2 well drinks (although sadly this is only for Tuesday). Like all well drinks. Which, let’s face it, is pretty bad ass. And is also why most of my sick days fall on Wednesdays.

Although if you’re really intrigued by the prospect of drinking canned beer in a bar, you should head on over east of 99 to Morada landmark Koe’s for their Budget Thursday specials. For only $1.50 you can enjoy a 12 oz. can of Pabst, Hamm’s, or Olympia. Haven’t heard of those last two beers? Go open your grandpa’s garage fridge, there’s a 50% chance that thing is packed with them.

So there’s a couple bars that have excellent happy hours that are actually cheap. And we even included on that involves the family! Plus, we didn’t even have to bust out El Torito’s legendary happy hour pricing (half off appetizers and specials on margaritas from 4-8. Not to mention Tacos Tuesdays).


~ by Slick Diaz on May 28, 2009.

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