Quick Links for June 1st

Well, it’s June. Which means it’s time to miss that awesomeness that was Manteca Waterslides again (and to a lesser extent, Golfland). Now the closest decent waterslides are Sunsplash in Roseville. It’s a damn shame. Can you tell I need to invest in an air conditioner? Well, let’s try and cool down in the refreshing breeze of the Quick Links!

Somehow I doubt this is a jump the shark moment for SUSD

The circus that is Stockton Unified School District was finally seen by Don Blount. Naturally, he falls on the side of Amato and Castillo because they’re go-getters who make things happen. Or at least that’s what the grand jury report told him. We’ve got to commend Blount for at least forming an opinion, which has proven to be difficult in the past for many of the Record’s columnists, even if he did blatantly wait until someone formed that opinion for him.

Now, we’re not saying the grand jury and Blount are wrong, but they’re not right either. But neither are the SUSD rebels. From what I can gather, they’re pissed because of Amato’s grandstandy Success for All program that pissed away $6 mil and was technically illegal (hence the involvement of a grand jury), which is understandable.

What isn’t understandable is the intensity in which they’ve been spitting vemom at Amato and his alleged crony Dan Castillo. I hate being told how to do my job as much as the next guy. Especially when it’s something you know is destined to fail. But this level of dissension against a guy who’s been on the job all of a year is fucking ridiculous. We get it, the guy fucked up big time, but to shit all over any following ideas the man has is counterproductive to any sort of progress they can hope to make.

He didn’t make a good first impression, go-getters rarely do (everybody hates the fucker that comes in and makes them look bad), especially when they’re hired from outside, but who in their right mind gets so pissed off they start a blog dedicated to bitching about a single entity and the people who run it? Oh yeah, huh.

I cna appreciate their fanaticism (197 posts in a month!?), they obviously care a lot about their cause. But the way they’re going about getting their message out there is regrettable. They’re faulting Amato for his obviously showy gesture to show he was combatting literacy and their response is to make an equally showy gesture by handing Castillo his recall notice during a gradution ceremony. I’m all for fighting fire with fire, but the story of Friday night shouldn’t have been that some old dude got handed a piece of paper. The story from Friday night that some teenagers were getting handed a piece of paper. Instead of a video of Lori Muller-Gray, we should be watching some kid awkwardly walk across the stage. While fighting for our kids the SUSD rebel alliance forgot about the kids.

The story’s about them, not you. So if you want to recall Castillo, hell, if you want to recall the whole board go to fucking town. Just do it quietly because you’re setting a bad example for the kids you’re trying to protect. They look up to you (ok, to some extent), and look to you for guidence as to what to do in certain situations. They’re getting a bad lesson in how to react when you don’t get what you want. Which is just sad, you are their teachers after all. 

Ok, this is pretty bad ass

Well, Ian Hill finally completed that flash game he’s been teasing and it’s actually a pretty cool idea. The game puts you in Gordon Palmer’s shoes and asks you to balance the General Fund. Depending on where you allocate the money a small summary by David Siders pops up and lets you know the affect of your budgeting. It’s pretty informative and should let anybody who thinks they have the itch know,  you really don’t want to go into politics.

Stockton gets its own Rooney Rule!

Considering how racially charged that town hall meeting I went to was, this should help shut some…oh who am I kidding? This isn’t going to help shit. But hey, at least when somebody lobs a “What are you going to do about (insert racism claim here that has nothing to do with the city)?” at them, the City Council will have something to point to.


~ by Slick Diaz on June 1, 2009.

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