Quick Links for June 3rd

Hey look, news happened yesterday. Sure it was incredibly depressing news, but it happened. And what better way to delve into it than yet another edition of the Quick Links!

I guess somebody didn’t take our title loss so well

Summer isn’t really summer until we get our first pointless double homicide. As you’ve probably heard by now, a couple of security guards were found shot to death in their cars over by Oak Park. It’s kinda hard to make a joke about that, but we’re linking to the story because it’s incredibly well written. Plus, we’re required by RTT law to link to any article in the Record that makes a Mean (Woooooo!) Gene Okerlund reference. Also this link sets up our next item.

Internet journalism is not as easy as it would seem

Over at Ian Hill Media, Record Web Content Producer Ian Hill gives a rundown of his fairly busy day yesterday (and used the obvious joke about the violent crime rate title in relation to the shootings before I could). It’s a pretty interesting behind the scenes look at how the Record is using the internet to compliment stories in their print edition. Not to mention we get a glimpse at to process of compiling and editing myRecord (Find cutest picture of cat, add caption, sprint to vending machine). So aspiring journalists take note, this is probably your future. Well, this or kicking it with Rich Ibarra in his closet.

As if this weekend weren’t packed enough, it’s Jewfest!

Fuck, as if this weekend’s slate of awesome fights wasn’t enough, Bris Isaak’s favorite local event of the year is coming up this weekend. That’s right, Jewfest ’09! On Sunday Temple Israel (on the corner of March and El Dorado) combines our favorite Jew’s two loves, his faith and food, for their annual Jewish Food Fest. The latkes will flow like water and, of course, there will be bagels for everyone! And best of all, it’s free! Of course, you also have the option of attending brunch for an extra $10 which is a pretty good price for what you get (Beer tasting! Woo!). So grab your Bubbe and head on down to Temple Israel this weekend if you need to kill sometime before the Faber/Brown fight. Plus, the bagels are a great hangover cure after a night of heavy drinking at the Elbow Room watching the Strikeforce fights. You get to kill time, sober up a bit, and be a good grandson (or daughter) and all for free. What more could you ask for?


~ by Slick Diaz on June 3, 2009.

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