Live from the Hi & Bye fire!

So the place I make the occasional beer run to burned down today. Considering the Hi and Bye is within walking distance of my house (they literally were beer runs), I decided to join the looky-loos and check it out after work and snap some pictures. The full, unedited set is posted on the RTT Flickr page. I should probably note I was amazed I was able to get so close to the actual building as it was still burning without crossing any yellow tape. The entire area was covered in 4-8 inches of water and some areas. Also, as I typed that last sentence a fire truck just drove by my house with it’s lights and siren going, so one would assume another fire is going on.


~ by Slick Diaz on June 19, 2009.

One Response to “Live from the Hi & Bye fire!”

  1. Stockton City Employees Association says screw U to the GPzzy talking heads!

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