Quick Links for June 25th

I had a snappy intro written up, but then Michael Jackson died and it just kind of felt wrong (there mayyyy have been a zombie joke in there somewhere). So instead, rest in peace MJ. The King of Pop is dead, Long Live the King! And the Quick Links!

Even when they get things right, the City Council is still horribly wrong

As you may have heard, the feds let Stockton PD know that we’re not as special as we think we are and we should only expect about $2 million of the COPS federal stimulus money we had applied for. $2 million is decidedly less than the $5.5 million Gordon Palmer’s original budget proposal relied on and is only enough to retain/rehire about 20 cops instead of 55.

No word on what the cut off for Alan Petett’s vigilante group is, but this revelation should make July 1st interesting (even though the layoffs don’t come down until July 18th. Vigilantes must use the Chinese calendar or something.).

The limited amount of COPS funding shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since the feds have been warning us since May that we shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch (and it makes even more sense when they explain the formula). But just because the City Council had the foresight to approve a budget that wasn’t dependant on stimulus dollars, it doesn’t mean anybody should get a pat on the back. We’re still totally, inconceivably fucked money-wise. Plus, as Susan Eggman points out, budgets are amendable. Even though it’s a step we usually want to avoid, if revenue changes we can always tinker with the budget. Just ask the state of California, they’ve turned it into an art form (an art form that would probably get more recognition/support than the local music scene).

So yeah, congrats freshmen City Council members. Because of you we can avoid having to go back and amend the budget, even though we’ll probably have to do so anyways come November for one of those reasons that always seem to pop up.

Is it too late to change my pseudonym to “800-pound Crime Gorilla”?

Keeping with the budget theme, SJ County DA Jim Willett is worried that he won’t be able to prosecute as many misdemeanors as he would like to because of proposed county budget cuts. To which we say “So?”. If the best arguement you have against budget cuts is that you won’t be able to prosecute somebody for jaywalking, then the proposed cuts are probably sound.

Of course, there is a solution that could help lighten the DA’s workload by a decent amount. Legalize it! We don’t want to get all Fitzy on you with bullshit reasons for the legislation of marijuana, we’re obviously for it because we want to smoke that shit without fear of legal ramapercussions, but that’s just the point. If there are less people in court wasting the DA’s time with some bullshit possession charge that won’t deter them from smoking at all, the DA’s office will have more time to focus on other, slightly more serious shit. Like loitering.

And because the Record relies solely on reprinting Sam Amick’s articles from the Bee for their Kings coverage…

Today is a fairly important day in Kings history, way more important than that really disappointing day last month. Today we get to find out who we get with that disappointing 4th pick in the NBA Draft. If you haven’t been paying attention, the player to covet this year, since the Clippers have already made it known they’re going to ruin Blake Griffin’s will to live, is Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio. Being the pessimists that we are, Kings fans have tried to throw their support behind any other player under the assumption that karma won’t let us have who we want. So if we can somehow trick karma into thinking we want Tyreke Evans hopefully the Blazers won’t trade up to the 3rd pick and take Rubio.

If that last part was frustrating/confusing welcome to the last 6 months of being a Kings fan. No really, we’ve been looking forward to this day since January. Today will most likely be the high point for the franchise for the next two years or so. So soak it in.

The Ghostface Zilla over at Sactown Royalty has the usual boatloads of information from multiple sources (not just Amick like the Record) and is always a recommended read. Last year’s draft thread resulted in a cavelcade of swears that would make the ghost of George Carlin blush (to say we were pleasently surprised by Jason Thompson would be an understatement). So this year should be pretty entertaining considering Kings fans are so on edge that they’ll castrate anybody who even thinks the name Never Nervous Pervis.


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