Righting some wrongs

Fuck, how hot is it? Like a million degrees? Maybe it just feels like that because my work turned on the heater and is calling it the “vent”. Click that motherfucker over to “cool” God dammit!

Sorry about that, it’s frustrating being sick in 1000 degree weather. But let’s push forward and right some wrongs from last week. It’s…

June’s Rube of the Month!

I can’t remember the last time we did a ROTM, mostly because I haven’t remembered to do one during the couple months. Luckily we caught it before Wednesday and the perfect rube popped up and that rube is me! Yes, I’m a rube because I thought the (alleged) illegal gambling going on in the Deja Vu’s porn shop was totally legal when, in fact, it (allgedly) wasn’t.

I frequent the strip club fairly regularly (although I haven’t been since my birthday where I (allegedly) set the new record for hand-free pudding cup devouring), and have been known to meander over next door on occasion. If I had known it was (allegedly) illicit I probably would have said something. Because it’s not like they were (allegedly) hiding it. In fact, the brazen nature in which I think I remember how the “internet cafe” was set up reassured me that everything was on the up-and-up. Hell, a day before the news broke somebody was talking with me about it at the Matinee, using it as an example of how progressive and understanding the city has become over the past year (a point a countered with by bringing up the Maxim’s federal court case).

So yeah, I’m a rube, and I admit it. Although now I just really wish I had cashed in on some (allegedly) illicit winnings before Friday.

Sorry I’m so short today, but I’m about to go down a dropshot of nyquill dropped in Pepto. Wish me luck.


~ by Slick Diaz on June 29, 2009.

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