Quick Links for July 3rd

Well, it’s finally the day we’ve all been waiting for, Super Sexy Friday. You may be familiar with it’s distant cousin, Sexy Friday. What makes this Friday Super Sexy as opposed to just Sexy? Well, 3 things. One, I don’t have to work today. Two, it’s the beginning of 4th of July weekend, and nothing’s sexier than our nation’s birth (it being during bikini season helps too). And third, the motherfucking Pub Crawl! Yes, it’s Pub Crawl day, which means we get another chance to attempt to become a Paragary’s customer and they find yet another reason to turn us away. Plus we’ll be live-tweeting the event like last time. So follow us on Twitter to get such drunk insight as “The guy who runs Moulin Rouge/Taste of Brittany is a cool guy”. This one will presumably be more eventful, unless I ditch Twitter to try and get laid like last time.

But until then (just hours away! We may have started drinking already), let’s knock out some Quick Links!

A lovers quarrel

A while back Fitzy checked in with his former crush, IFG’s Stockton rep Stephen “the Ex Cannon” Grossman, for an explanation as to why jack and shit is going on during the month of August. His response? “Yeah, I got nothing.” Yeah, still nothing.  Fitzy then takes him to task considering he’s been on the job for almost a year now and hasn’t done shi…wait, scratch that. He actually kind of defends the dude. Old loves die hard I guess.

Either way, the fact that Grossman has nothing new to report is fucking ridiculous. You’ve had enough time, produce results already.

I’ve paid my dues…time after time…!

Sorry, for the Fitzy-heavy Quick Links, but we couldn’t let this pass by. Fitzy was at one of those downtown luncheons he loves so much when someone made an off-hand comment about Stockton being ranked first in porn consumption. He quickly debunks the rumor. We had heard months ago but had not been able to confirm it, but after hearing Fitz say it wasn’t true, we knew that meant it probably was. And sure enough, one of his commenters provides the link to some family-focused web monitoring site that shows that Stockton searches the term “porn” alot. Apparently we used to be first, but now we’re second (damn you Elmhurst!). This just furthers our claim that Stockton isn’t for kids…or sissy bitches.

So, you’re saying micro-payments won’t work?

And finally, over at Ian Hill Media, Ian’s throwing up some good posts about journalismy stuff after stumbling upon Newspaper Death Watch, including some delicious looking pie charts about the future of newspaper revenue. Sure, it’s not really locally focused and is about media-dork stuff, but it’s still and interesting read.

Ok, we’re outskis. Watch the Twitter for drunken fun and maybe a Twitpic or two.


~ by Slick Diaz on July 3, 2009.

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