The All-American Crawl wasn’t lame, just uneventful

I’m having a tough time trying to come up with the words to sum up last Friday’s All-American Crawl. I’m pretty sure none of us feel that it was the “lamest Crawl ever” anymore. Obviously the one or two Crawls we neglected to attend were the lamest ever. That was more of an immediate, emotional reaction than anything. Really it was just an uneventful night of drinking. We went out, drank, saw a lame fireworks display, drank, got hassled by dick cops, and drank some more. The “lame” claim was more an unfair comparison to Crawls past. The point of the Crawl is to have some fun and get drunk and we did both. We just expected more, and this Crawl was decidedly the Crawl of less, not more.

If we hadn’t been blinded by our expectations, we could have seen this coming. This Crawl wasn’t even two months removed from the previous (and postponed by a month) Hula Crawl, lots of people we talked to were legitimately surprised they were doing another one so quickly. Couple that with the fact that they scheduled it during a big, travel holiday weekend and the attendance suffered big time.

Without the throngs of people crowding the trolleys after the Ports game, the Crawl never really felt like it got going. Of course, part of that is due to the fact that half the bars from the last Crawl either decided not to participate or to close early, despite the fact that it was a Friday night and scores of people paid $30 for the right to go to their establishments free of charge (Chitivas, I’m looking at you. You should be ashamed of yourselves). Paragary’s naturally closed around 10, as did Beach Hut Deli for some unknown reason. Chitivas shut their doors to Crawlers at 8pm so local promoter Jeff Bayani could throw his annual 4th of July weekend party that apparently neither the Downtown Alliance or Chitivas thought people would have a problem with.

Even the Sunset Bar and Grill ran out of their free appetizers before the fireworks even started, but they were the only ones who realized they did something wrong and quickly rectified the situation by honoring our appetizer coupons as drink vouchers. So they’re to be commended for that at least (and I do apologize for drunkenly saying that nothing had changed since the place was the Boiler Room. That was uncalled for. The Boiler Room would have told us to go fuck ourselves in that situation).

So, yeah, the sparse crowd combined with the unenthusiastic way in which downtown bars participated may have jaded our immediate view of the All-American Crawl. It really didn’t feel much like a Pub Crawl. It felt like we got a bunch of friends together and paid $30 a head to ride a trolley from downtown to the 2 and a half bars that decided to participate on the Miracle Mile end of the Pub Crawl (which was funny considering this was the first Crawl they used area specific vouchers for). We had fun, we ran into old friends (shoutout to bus driver Becky!), and we got shithoused. Mission accomplished. Except of course for that nagging feeling that the Downtown Alliance charged us the same price as previous Crawls for decidedly less of a Crawl. And, of course, cops being dicks because it was a holiday weekend and they had to work. None of that makes for a lame Crawl, it just makes up an average night of drinking give or take some recession-worthy fireworks (and the random non-exploding fireworks that followed the Ports display).

So while we had fun, next time we just need to remember to not expect as much fun. Sometimes drinking is just drinking. And last time I checked drinking’s still fun. Although next time I really suggest avoiding holiday weekends for Pub Crawls.


~ by El Duke on July 7, 2009.

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