Quick Links for July 10th

Well, it’s Sexy Friday. This slow ass news week has finally come to a close. Thank God. Plus, as a bonus, UFC 100 is this weekend. Looks like I need to make my monthly visit to the Elbow Room. But until then, let’s squeeze out some Quick Links shall we?

Chuck’s, meet the Squeeze Inn. Squeeze Inn, Chuck’s

Once again, someone’s taking advantage of the bullshit ADA laws to make a quick buck. This time a disabled woman and her ADA specialist lawyer are suing popular Sacramento burger stand Squeeze Inn which, if you can’t tell by the name, is kind of a cramped place. And since a lawyer noticed that, they now have to move, much like local awesome burger joint Chuck’s. That’s really the only local connection to this story, what happening to Squeeze Inn also happened to Chuck’s. But what do you want? It’s a slow news week. Either way, our point is clear. We must stop the handicapped before they decide to bust out their guns and patrol the streets anyways.

Fitzy loves these Twits

Yes, this is how slow of a news week it’s been. But still, the list of people Fitzy follows on his Twitter contains a few surprises. I mean, come on, Fred Durst? If you ever run into somebody who still remembers Limp Bizkit, let alone claims to still be a fan, this should kill any likability Durst could have possibly had after slaughtering The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”.

Other hilarious Tweets Fitzy follows include noted tool Jimmy Fallon and the Rocawear site. The man, if anything, has eclectic tastes.

Oh hey, here’s news! And it’s good news too!

In a rare follow up from an earlier Quick Links, Lodi resident Alicia Brogle’s double lung transplant was a success. The Lodi News-Sentinel has the details about the surgery and her road to recovery which includes living in an apartment in Palo Alto to be near the hospital.

Ok, that’s it from us this week. Hopefully we’ll do better next week.


~ by Slick Diaz on July 10, 2009.

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