The focus on local music is appreciated, but we don’t need a Rock Hall of Fame

Sorry for cutting out early last week. Feel free to insert the boilerplate “real life got in the way” excuse here. But we’re back today and we have things to catch up on.

This past week has been a big one for our old pal Fitzy. That big sendoff for the Haggin mummy was this weekend in which Fitzy told a story that I’m pretty sure he’s written about before (but can’t find via a lazy google search). Luckily he retold that story in his column on Sunday, just in case you cared that the mummy is sporting some fat bling.

But we’re not here to talk about that. Mostly because the Record’s already beaten that story into the ground. Although before we move on we do have to give the Haggin kudos for taking a negative in the mummy leaving and turning it into an excuse to drink martinis.

So yeah, we’re not here to talk about Fitzy’s bad story. We’re here to talk about his bad idea. Ok, so it’s not his idea, he’s just passing one a long (much like the whole “Let’s buy the Thunder and be Gods of Thunder or something” idea). Which is kind of worse when you think about it. Because that means he actually thought it was a good idea, a good enough idea to fill space in his column and blog.

Stockton does not need a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

If you need me to cite any sort of reasoning, I kindly direct you towards the Stockton Sports Hall of Fame. Where is that you might add? Fantastic fucking question. It’s a wall in the Adult School at the end of the Mile. It’s a fitting tribute to mediocrity.

And let’s face it, that’s what this really is. It’s not a Hall of Fame, it’s a Hall of Mediocrity. Do we really need a place to enshrine that in Smash Mouth? I mean, sure, Pavement’s a lock and I’m sure the city will use any excuse to beg Chris Isaak to make a rare hometown visit, but past that who the fuck are we really honoring?

One of Fitzy’s first suggestions is Tommy McClendon, who apparently was one of the many rotating guitarists in the band UFO. In fact, he’s the only former bandmember of UFO that doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. See what it sas on that link? “Doesn’t indicate importance or significance of a real person.” He’s not even worthy enough to be enshrined in Wiki-fucking-pedia!

Fitzty also lists acts from the 70s (and the requisite jazz acts) less than a week after complaining old, shitty music on the radio is all played out.

Look, I’m sure all the people Fitzy listed were really good artists. You don’t join VH1’s 84th Hardest Rock band without having some chops. But these people are better remembered through stories, passing down of albums, and the bands they influenced. The memories you may have of some musician’s rise out of this place and on to greater things may be great because you experienced (or at least witnessed)  something awesome. But turning that awesomeness into something physical to remember it by rarely works and usually devolves into some sort of political mess. Politics always fucks up everything.


~ by Slick Diaz on July 27, 2009.

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