Quick Links for July 30th

It’s Thursday, we don’t have much time. Let’s Quick Link it!

And the last horse has finally crossed the finish line!

So the Cougars are staying put apparently, to the delight of young shy dudes in bars check writing Mexicans everywhere. So while the Thunder and Lightening continue to be surrounded by misplaced fears of migration, the one team we thought was as good as gone is staying put and eating up some more dates that could be filled by all those concerts we aren’t getting.

The lease with the Cougars is only for a year, but it doesn’t cost us any money. So, you know, celebrate. Yes, the city negotiating a deal in which we don’t lose money is cause for celebration. You know what else is cause for celebration? A stubborn, old, white guy finally had the epiphany that pretty much every other Stocktonian had years ago.

Naturally we’re referring to Mike Fitzgerald, who’s impassioned plea to buy up Stockton’s sports teams earlier this year did not include the soccer team. He assumed that one less sports team eating up a bunch of available dates would open up more breathing room for national acts to come by Stockton.

Obviously he’s wrong, more open dates just means more open dates, the asshole in charge over at IFG still has to sell promoters on Stockton. Which is a job Stephen Grossman has been particularly horrible at considering we’re rapidly approaching the one year anniversary of his hiring (it’s next week in fact) and he hasn’t anywhere near the 10 acts he predicted would fill the Arena this year. Shit, he couldn’t even get the WWE to come by for their annual Stockton stop, which is like the first time I can remember that happening ever. Those pictures at Valley Brew don’t sign themselves. But hey, at least we still have Luche Libre!

Of course, a lot of this is owed to the fact that we’re near multiple competing venues in Oakland, Suckramento, SF, and San Jose. But we’re getting off track. What epiphany did Fitzy have you might ask? Well, he’s finally come to terms with the fact that building an arena in a town most noted for being a a short drive from mulitple major cities might have been  a bad idea.

From the blog post:
“One fewer tenant meant more open dates, and more concerts.

Or so I hoped. Now it appears Stockton built a primary market shed in a secondary market town.”

Really? Only now it appears? It appeared almost 10 years ago when this horrible idea came up. Although we do agree that now that we have it we might as well make the best of it. Which, again, is the real frustrating part. We’re not making the best of it. We’re letting it sit pretty much all month long, aside from Luche Libre of course (La Parka!) We’re not saying shoot for the mon, we’re saying go for what you can get. If that’s 10 popular Latino acts like Vincente Fernandez and Marco Antonio Solis that sell out the Arena, then do it. It makes money. Money is good. Oh, and try and get Journey please?

Hey look! Progress!

So we heard from a litte tweeting bird (tweeting, get it?) that Recordnet’s reprehensible search feature had finally been upgraded. Needless to say after over a year of swearing by Google site search we were intrigued at what improvements were made to the Record’s previous search feature, which only seemed to search and find for a way to raise my blood pressure.

So how is it? Well, see for yourself. We picked a topic out of a hat and decided to search the site for stories about the Stockton Rodeo (remember that?). Sure enough, a bunch of stories about the Stockton Rodeo popped up. No repeat stories or anything. Although when you switch to Stockton Rodeo stories by date, you do get every story that has the words Stockton or Rodeo in it (I always forget those damn quotes).

Our favorite feature though is when you click on the link above it sorts all of the stories on Recordnet by relevency. What’s the most relevent story on all of Recordnet.com? A 2-year old mortgage story. God I love Stockton.

Well, that’s all we got today. Lateskis.


~ by Slick Diaz on July 30, 2009.

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