Quick Links for July 31st

Thank God it’s Sexy Friday, let’s churn out some Quick Links so I can go take a nap.

Wooooah, you’re halfway there

Fitzy’s blog post yesterday was apparently a preview of his column where he essentially rehashes everything he said on his Recordnet blog for free, only this time it’s on paper and you gotta pay for it.

Was there any new information revealed at all? Well, there was one interesting piece of news. Stephen Grossman’s self-appointed goal was to book 10 adult acts (acts that cater to the adult demographic, not "xxx" adult. Although those ducats would sell like McGriddles) over the course of a year. As we noted yesterday, August 7th (or 6th) is a year. But, being the nice guys we are, we spotted him the rest of 2008 as a wash, so we’re just counting 2009. We’re nearly 2/3rds the way through and Fitzy has the official count. How’d we do?

“Technically, he’s almost halfway there.

» Vicente Fernandez, May 10

» Joan Sebastian, June 14

» Los Inquietos del Norte, last Saturday.

» Marco Antonio Solis, Oct. 3″

That’s 4 shows, two of which (Fenandez and Solis) would have been booked regardless of who was in charge so those technically don’t count. So technically (really technically, not Fitzy’s version), all of his storied phone calls produced 2 more shows a year. That’s right, 2. Oh well, there’s always Luche Libre. Mexicans get all the damn luck…

Oh how the mighty have fallen

It’s been a while since Stockton’s appeared on a list of some sort, Forbes is presumably on vacation, and with news being as slow as it is it was only a matter of time before that situation was remedied. Enter, the top foreclosures in the nation! A list we’ve topped for a while now. And that was before the economy took a nose dive, surely our status as ground zero of the foreclosure criss will seal up this victory for us. It’s a gimmie! Your winner, and STILL foreclosure champion… ummm, what the fuck? Las Vegas!? Oh shit! The Russian is cut! The Russian is cut!

Yes, you read that right, we lost the title to Las Vegas. Not only the the champ go down, he went down hard. We’re now only have the 5th most foreclosures in the nation. Yes, that’s right FIVE. You know who else beat us? Motherfucking Merced. A town who’s previous claim to fame was containing the California Welcome Center furthest away from anyone actually entering California. Hell, Modesto’s on our ass at 6! Obviously we’re devastated as this was one of the few titles we assumed we’d hold on to in 2010 after Forbes starts using up-to-date crime stats (up-to-date for now, not when the list actually gets made in 2010). Ok, i can’ ttlak about this anymore. It hurts too much. Quick, somebody do something to cheer me up!

(deep breath) Ahhahahahahahahahahaha (deep breath) hahahahhaahhahahaha

Naturally there will be more on this next week, and we feel bad for our friends that worked there, but we always get some sick sense of joy when something we knew was going to be a bad idea proves us right not once, but twice in the span of a year. It was nice knowing you Lexington Plaza Waterfront Hotel & Feed & Fuel & Bed & Breakfast & Beyond, we’ll probably stay at you more when you eventually become a Super 8.


~ by Slick Diaz on July 31, 2009.

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