Quote of the Decade!

I was doing a little digging earlier today for a post tomorrow on downtown redevelopment (it has to do with our most recent Twitter post which you can see on the right) and ran across an interesting story. It was written 3 years ago by Mike Fitzgerald when the Paragary’s backlash was just starting. He entertains and shoots down many plausible reasons for our the hatred, instead owing it to (surprise!) our hatred of subsidy money.

But we’re not here to pick the Paragary’s scab (ok, maybe just a little bit), we’re here to bring you a quote that is 5 million times more hilarious in hindsight. I’d set it up more, but instead I’ll allow the man once touted as a visionary to let his words speak for themself. Ladies and Gents, former Stockton Redevelopment Director, current Manteca City Manager, and blogger Steve Pinkerton:

“As for the possibility Paragary’s will take the money and run, ‘They’re not going to screw up their reputation that way,’ Pinkerton predicted.”

Yes, despite the fact that many people listed the actual reasons Paragary’s eventually failed in the same fucking column, Steve Pinkerton didn’t have the foresight to account for any of them (or maybe he did considering he cut and ran last year). Some visionary.

By the way, ever want a good laugh? Look up the word visionary in the dictionary, then look at the synonyms.

“1. impractical, impracticable. 4. fancied, illusory, chimerical. 5.unrealistic

On second thought, I had it all wrong. The man is a visionary.


~ by Slick Diaz on August 3, 2009.

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