Quick Links for Aug 4th

We’re saving the Fitzy post we teased yesterday for tomorrow because it donned on me that he might turn that post into his Wednesday column as he’s been known to do. So in the interest of not repeating ourselves, we’ll serve you up a hot dose of Quick Links instead.

Holy shit! Racism still exists?

We haven’t checked in with noted senior fetishist Lori Gilbert in a while, mostly because we got tired of reading about how old people are still useful, but she’s ventured out of her comfort zone today to talk about race relations. This should be gold.

Sure enough, we can’t get past the fucking headline without laughing our asses off. Having a black president doesn’t mean we live in racial harmony? Really? That’s just amazing. I can’t think of an example of heightened racial tension since Obama’s been elected. And if something did happen, it certainly wasn’t around here.

Now that the sarcasm is out of the way, let’s switch over to righteous indignation. Are you fucking kidding me!? This is a column? Letting people know racism is still around? Isn’t that the NAACP’s job? Was this a newspaper column or a term paper for a humanities class?

I don’t even know much about the Gates story because I could give a shit. A possibly racist cop in Boston (technically Cambridge, but they’re all the same Massholes)? No fucking way! Why are we still talking about this? Because dude was friends with the President? So? Why does that matter at all? This isn’t an opportunity to talk about race relations. it’s just another part of the ongoing dialogue about race that, and I hate to be the one to break this to you, will never end.

And that’s just the thing, the fight against racial prejudice will never end. That doesn’t mean we should stop fighting it, but pretending/insinuating that electing a black President fixes it, or that if something does flare up it can all be fixed over a brewski, only hurts the ongoing racial dialogue. Voting for Barack Obama wasn’t a “Get out of racism free” card, it was just one more step towards the probably unattainable goal of racial neutrality. The discussion doesn’t end until we stop talking about our first black president and just think of Obama as just another president (albeit a very charismatic one with a death grip on the media) who happens to be black. Until then (ha!) pretending that any of this Gates shit matters in the grand scheme of racial tolerance is just ignorant.

So we’ve reached the end of Mark Lewis watch?

Well, Mike Fitzgerald no longer has to worry about former Stockton City Manager Mark Lewis taking over the biggest little city in the world as Reno has laid off Stockton’ s most notorious Neil Diamond fan (well, most notorious besides El Duke). Can’t say we’re too surprised, who would want to redevelop the awesomeness that is Reno? No word on if Lt. Jim Dangle and Jonesy escaped the  layoff scythe.

Vote early and vote often!

Well, it’s time once again to vote for the Best of San Joaquin in 2009, last year we were less than pleased with the results considering a majority of them were chain stores or places notorious for customer service issues. Not to mention some of the categories seemed fishy/unneeded. Best fuel-efficient car made a return this year as if we manufactured them here or something. Best local sports team also shows up and even expands to include your favorite player on each team, because our stable of minor league teams (well, I guess afl2 is major league now since the AFL is probably folding.)  have such steady rosters.

On a positive note, they did ditch the annoyingly narrow “best internet service provider”, but sadly they did not replace it with “best website” which we would totally win.

You have to register to vote, and your commenter name doesn’t count apparently, so re-register and then feel free to write in Reclaiming the Title for every entry. If we find out somebody did that, we’ll have you on our eventually coming podcast.


~ by Slick Diaz on August 4, 2009.

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