Quick Links for August 7th

It’s Sexy Friday, anybody got some news they’d like to dump?

But…but…who will the City Council blame for shit that’s really no one person’s fault now?

Wow, that was unexpected. City Manager Gordon Palmer, possibly tired of being called a racist every time  he fired someone of color, has decided to ride off into the sunset and retire next month.

As usual, David Siders’ blog is all over this with the text of the retirement letter and a list of possible candidates to replace him on an interim basis. Ann Johnston has said that she’d prefer a nationwide search for an outside candidate, which we’ve heard before, so expect Johnny Ford to fill the position so City Council meetings can begin to resemble the the excruciating exercise in bureaucracy that they’re supposed to once again.

Robocop snubbed

The city concluded their nationwide search for a new Police Chief by promoting from within and naming Blair Ulring the new Chief of Police the other day. The move wasn’t too much of a surprise despite the fact that pretty much everybody agreed that promoting from within didn’t work last time and that it was time to look outside the department for candidates to fill the job.

Obviously we’re disappointed Robocop didn’t get the job, but Ulring had the advantage of a nearly year long try out for the job as the Don’t Call Me Interim Chief. Plus, if he can deal with all the bullshit he had to deal with this year then he’s earned the right to do it if he wants to. If I’d had his year I’d be begging them to hire someone fast so I could go back to being that nameless dude standing behind him in press conferences. So hey, congrats to Chief Ulring. Just don’t expect Robocop to come help when Alan Pettet decides you’re not doing a good enough job and declares mob rule in south Stockton (aka THE SOUTH!).

It’s official, the Sheraton/Lexington/HoJo’s (We’re calling it!) was a  horrible idea.

Yes it’s pretty to look at and the rooms are pretty kick ass but now it’s mired in debt and now only serves as one giant monument to how poorly downtown revitalization was planned. Nobody thought we needed a ritzy hotel in downtown Stockton. Nobody. Who was gonna stay there? Downtown redevelopment wasn’t that far along when the idea popped  up and then I explain to people that the entire thing was dependent on selling a bunch of $700,000 condos at the top and the entire thing becomes laughable. Downtown Stockton? 2005? We were just barely warming up to the idea of going downtown at night, let alone spend the fucking night there.

Sure, now that seems kinda silly now but that was certainly popular thinking at the time. Of course, trying to sell Stockton as “The Event City” didn’t help because it just made the whole thing stink of bullshit. And no, minor league all-star game doesn’t count as an event.

But we’re not here to rehash downtown’s history, we just wish this one piece of history didn’t happen. If we had slowed down for a bit and thought everything out before selling some prime real estate for a dollar, then maybe we could have done something like build a linkage block to the nearby areas that have retail space and cafes for people to hand out at by the arena. That way people wouldn’t have to casually suggest tearing down state government building to do so.


~ by Slick Diaz on August 7, 2009.

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