Yes, plastic wolves


Or, more accurately, plastic decoy coyotes.

Yeah, we were going to ignore Mike Fitzgerald’s ridiculous notion (note “modest proposal” is code for “dumb idea”) that we eat those pesky geese that have apparently taken over our area parks. Sure, I’m pretty sure I live right by American Legion Park  and have yet to have a problem with the geese, but they’re everywhere dammit! They’re the new world order of animals! They’re taking over!

Either way his “let’s kill and eat wild geese” idea has apparently caught on and he’s touting his 100% support ratio, which we’d like to put to rest right now. We think it’s a stupid idea. There, 99.9% bitches!

But we’re here because he questions the existence of plastic predatory animals used as decoys to scare off the geese and in doing so he reminded us of one of our favorite lesser known internet memes, the ESPN decoy coyotes (pictured above)!

The decoys became famous (ok, internet famous) after a hilariously mundane inter-office memo was leaked from the World Wide Leader in sports and one item warned people to not be scared of the roving plastic coyotes. Needless to say, it didn’t work. But maybe somebody should forward Fitzy’s latest idea to Disney. Until then, anybody know what the city did with our decoys? I’d love one for my lawn.


~ by Slick Diaz on September 2, 2009.

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