Quick Links for Sept. 18th

Oh hey, it’s Sexy Friday.Let’s bang out some Quick Links so I can get back to drinking. Don’t forget to pour one out for Garrett Oslin tonight.

Broken record broken record broken record

Sure, we could dissect Fitzy’s firefighter column piece by piece, but we can only say “this big deal you’re making isn’t really a big deal at all” so many times. Shit, we just said it yesterday. And he day before that. And on Monday. I’m getting tired of writing it, you’re getting tired of reading it.

Granted, that column was horribly written (a claim we don’t make too often about Fitz’s work), but we feel we’ve made our point. Fitzy is a dumbass. I mean, he’s basically saying that our Fire Department is too good. That’s a bad thing? No, it isn’t. A bad thing would be making cuts to try and find where the line between “good FD” and “bad FD” is. Is it 3-man crews? Less trucks? Closing down a station? Frankly, I don’t want to find out. I’d rather just stick with having a bad ass Fire Department. Trying to toe the budgetary line between good and bad hasn’t exactly worked too well with the Police Department.

And for the love of God quit harping on wages and benefits. They run into burning fucking buildings for fucks sake. Has Mike Fitzgerald heard of the concept of hazard pay? And then of course there’s this gem of a line:

“The question is whether Stockton wants a Rolls Royce fire department on a Toyota Corolla budget.

Citizens may. But they also want smooth roads, police, and well-maintained parks. A city can’t have it all.”

Translation: “Fuck you, I know what’s good for this city more than you dumbasses”

Can’t we have just one nice thing?

Gotta love the conflict of interesty goodness

Hey, remember last year when we harped on the Record for having Lori Gilbert preview and cover the Record’s own event? Well they’re doing it again this year! Luckily this year the coverage is slightly more subdued. Which isn’t really saying much since last year they plastered shit about their literacy event on the front page of the LENS section for a week in advance. By the second day the event had received more promotion that the wasted opportunity/financial failure that was the EliteXC: Unfinished Business show.

Which is fine until you realize the EliteXC show had a nationwide audience and the literacy fair is broadcast to the Fairytale Kingdom.

Thankfully, like we said, they’ve scaled it back a little bit. This year around, aside from the numerous in house ads we’ve conditioned ourselves to ignore, we’ve only noticed the one article below the fold of the front of the LENS section. It’s still probably something that would be relegated MyRecord if the Record wasn’t the main sponsor, but at least it’s an improvement. Still though, kinda conflicty.

OK, that’s it from us this week. Here’s hoping we can do better next week.


~ by Slick Diaz on September 18, 2009.

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