Playing catchup

Sorry again for the break in regularity. I think it’s safe to say the days of us posting every day of the week are over. That’ll still be our goal, but those still expecting that to actually happen will be disappointed. At least until we get some more writers (as always, e-mail us, we could use the lightened workload).

Anyways, these last couple days haven’t been without news, so let’s tackle it in an old school no headline Quick Links fashion.

So that Johnny Ford meeting happened. You know, the one we likened to Custer’s last stand? Well, that was sadly wishful thinking as this thing will drag on and waste our tax dollars for at least another 2 weeks. I could get all pissed off and write about how this underwhelming Council once again put off even the most basic decisions (albeit slightly controversial), but at least they had a good reason this time. It’s Interim City Manager Kevin O’Rourke’s first week and legally, he’s really the only one who can decide whether or not to hire Johnny Ford back. Sure, the Council could appoint him to some special position or something, but we all remember Ann Johnston’s unneeded stand she took on that. Still, David Siders opined in his blog that this was Ford’s most likely road to reinstatement. So yeah, we doubt he’s coming back. Way to delay the inevitable. (Which is apparently the Ford camp’s current strategy)

As always with these things, you really should go to David Siders’ blog for the more detailed play-by-play of the meeting. Also because, if you haven’t noticed yet, they finally revamped the Recordnet blogs! And they’re WordPress! Yup, they finally vaulted themselves into the 21st century by updating their host! At first glance it seems OK (hooray being able to search blog posts!). Sure, there are a few issues. Comments being disabled is the big one. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of fun at the expense of their commenters, but the forums are gone. They’ve left them no place to comment!

And that’s inexcusable because WordPress makes comment moderation insanely easy. We should know (we have commenters occasionally! Swear!). They even have a built in spam filter. WordPress makes comments easy, so the Record should have no problem implementing them soon.

The other slightly annoying issue is the fact that the blogs are on a completely different website than the Record. They’re a part of which is a site I had only previously heard of because I got stuck behind a bus once. We’ll save you the trouble, it’s not a very good site. They have great blogs though! Navigating between blogs has never been easier, only it’s at the expense of widening the gap between the blogs and the rest of the news on when they should be doing everything they can to close that gap. But hey, progress!

That’s it from us today. Probably more tomorrow. We’d write more today, but it’s nice out and we feel like taking advantage of that before the weather turns to shit (Ok, well California’s version of shit weather). Enjoy mowing through our pingbacks Recordnet staff!


~ by Slick Diaz on October 22, 2009.

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