Mailbag dump!

It’s been a week since the Record finally upgraded their somewhat archaic blogging platform for the sweet land of WordPress and they still have yet to check the box allowing comments. Normally we wouldn’t care because things of substance are rarely revealed in blog comments, but Recordnet is still “updating” it’s forums which leaves Letters to the Editor as the only real way for their readers to publicly espouse their opinions. And that’s just bullshit.

Part of the point of having a web presence is the ease of consumer feedback, with the current commenting limitations in place, the Record is effectively controlling what feedback you see. That may not be their intent, from what we’ve heard they actually are just updating their forums, but regardless it’s the result.

And it’s a sad result really, Recordnet has been making an effort if the past year or so to increase reader interaction with its writers through live chats and blog/forum comments and this is an unneccessary and completely avoidable step backwards after some much-needed progress.

We hate to see such a limited discussion of not just The Record, but Stockton as a whole. Short of starting your own blog, The Record’s really the only place where you can publicly state your opinions on local issues to a wide-ish audience (unless you feel like shouting into the cavernous abyss that is Twitter). And we intend on changing that.

Since the Record’s limiting your commenting ability, if you got something to say on local issues that isn’t making the Record’s rather restrictive cut on the opinions page, send it our way. We’re not encouraging an all out rejected Letters to the Editor feature so please don’t send us letters about how the city spent millions of dollars on downtown redevelopment while they cut the tree trimming service that, in hindsight, seems pretty important. But we’ve always wanted this place to be somewhere where real Stocktonians can come and state real opinions because that’s what Stocktonians do, we keeps it real.

So here’s our first letter/comment/whatever from reader Rob who has an opinion on the proposed prison hospital. The letter is sic’ed (we too wonder who Dennis Wilhoit is) and doesn’t necessarily reflect our opinions. And since we didn’t write it, it’s bolded.


Just wanted to bitch about something thats been on my chest and cant seem the get the Record to publish it as a letter to the editor.

So, several things have been bugging me lately about the so called officials from the City of Freakin Stockton, San Joaquin County and even the Chamber of Commerce (who the fuck is Dennis Wilhoit). The State’s Federal Receiver for the prisons wants to bring a Hospital for prisoners’ to one of the old abandoned prisons’ here in the Stockton Area (between a landfill and the airport). Everyone of these groups has come out against the idea of having this hospital here in Stockton, “its a bad idea for Stockton and the area”, “it will take much needed Healthcare professionals away from the private hospitals” “it will bring with it, the families of the prisoners” etc, etc, etc.

Boo fuckin hooo! Did these same officials come out against bringing a V.A. hospital to the area? No, these same officials who are worried about “loosing healthcare professionals” actually went out and fought to bring this hospital to the area! What? Double speak much? So its really not about healthcare professionals at all now is it?

The same officials are always talking about how we need to bring more of an “educated workforce to the area” ie; more non blue collar workers. These people supposedly bring with them an acceptance of art and all the other hoity toity bull shit that only comes from these types of educated people..WTF. They also want to bring more money, (Mo money mo money) and jobs to the area. Am I to understand that brining 3000 jobs and pumping $300 MILLION (Stkn Record 10/25/09) wouldn’t do just that…. Prision Guards, Dr.’s Nurses, Janitors, Book Keepers, Grounds Keepers, Cooks, Chefs, and so many other jobs its impossible to list them all here! All of these employees would generally live in the area and spend there salaries here creating a tax flow to the area unprecedented by the other major employers in the area. What would it do to improve the unemployment rate? People with jobs always tend to improve areas, they bring other jobs and businesses that support the hospital/prison. They bring uniform companies selling uniforms the the employees, catering companies, more employed people in our community means more money flowing through the whole city and county! We NEED jobs locally, I for one am tired of having to commute out of the area for a decent paying job. My friends are unemployed and need jobs. My favorite local restaurant needs more customers who have some expendable cash so they don’t close. The pathetic malls need to fill some empty voids.

Bring on the Hospital/Prison, bring on the jobs, bring on the hoity toities, show me the money!

“Those who deny the freedom of others, deserve it not themselves.”
Abraham Lincoln


~ by Slick Diaz on October 28, 2009.

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