WTF Recordnet? (And Edison/West Football controversy stuff)

So I’ve decided to ditch the Quick Links I was writing to take issue with the Record’s new “improved” search feature. As you may have heard, some shit went down at the Edison/West football game last week. West made a game winning field goal and the refs missed it despite video Kirk Barron shot showing the ball clearly bouncing across the bottom crossbar (3:00 mark). The ref missed this because he apparently thought the E-House announcer shouting “No Good!” prematurely (as in, before it even passed the uprights) was enough for him and he stopped following the path of the ball. There were also some time clock shenanigans.

The CIF ruled earlier this week that since CIF rules state you can’t use video review in games, it doesn’t matter what the video says, the shit call stands. West High, very clearly, got jobbed. It’s a heart-wrenching story and it has garnered a fairly decent amount of attention. But for some reason the story is not on

It was in the Record, on Tuesday if we remember correctly. Might have been yesterday. But when we do a search for Edison West football controversy. Nothing pops up. We figure maybe the story didn’t use the exact word “controversy” so we take that out and search all stories about Edison West Football. Then Just Edison Football.Then West football. Nothing. Then we decided, “You know what? Let’s just search ‘football’ and sort it by date. We’ll just scroll back through all the football stories until we get to the one we want. Jack shit. I’m not sure how we can further simplify our search.

The only place we can find something about the controversy on a Record site is a blog post Kirk Barron did the day after game on the Record’s Sports blog. So we ask, WTF Recordnet?

Before we go, I just have to add that going on the E-House announcer’s word that the kick was no good is an abysmal error in judgement. I’m not a HS Football fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I just happened to be at the Edison/McNair game last week which was also hosted by Edison (my brother plays for the Eagles) and the announcer was one of the worst I’ve ever heard. I don’t know if he’s a student or some handicapped dude like Radio, but he’s awful. He never got the names of the players right and he actually teased the West game by saying that the “Willed Cats” were coming the next week. Yes, he called the West Wildcats the Willed Cats, as if they were tabbys with resolve. How the fuck do you take that guy’s word on something that’s going to decide the game and possibly your officiating career if he’s wrong?

If Edison had any intestinal fortitude they’d forfeit this game. They lost. It was there fault. And they know it. Make it right E-House.


~ by Slick Diaz on October 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “WTF Recordnet? (And Edison/West Football controversy stuff)”

  1. Searching “Edison West Football” and then ordering by date pulled up this:

    But I’m guessing that’s not really what you were hoping to find.

    The old search was so bad that if, for example, I went on vacation, when I returned I would just read through missed newspapers to determine whether there had been any homicides.

    • Yeah, that’s not the story I was looking for. There was a story on the CIF ruling that I think Roberson wrote froma few days ago. That’s the one I was trying to find.

  2. Why is Christian’s comment avatar a Crips do–rag?

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