Breaking! Bob Highfill almost discusses a relevant, localish, and interesting topic in his column

Unfortunately Ol’ Bulletpoint only maintains this high level of journalism (well, high for him) for all of 2 bulletpoints. We’re not sure how a single subject warrants two bullets, but we’re not generously paid page editors, so what do we know?

The bulletpoints in question have to do with recent allegations levied against Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable by some ex-wives and, to an extent, ESPN. The long and short of it is that Cable’s jaw-jacking blow to Randy Hansen’s face wasn’t the first time the Raiders coach has gotten punchy. ESPN dug up Cable’s most recent ex-girlfriend and his first wife who both allege domestic abuse but didn’t press charges.

We’re not trying to make light of the situation, domestic abuse is a serious allegation and is downright abhorrent, but that didn’t stop the ESPN Outside the Lines feature from seeming like a total hit job. For one, Cable’s admitted abuse of his first wife was 20 years ago. Again, we’re not downplaying the severity of domestic abuse, but one would think there’s some kind of statute of limitations on these kinds of things. Why are we holding a guy accountable for something that happened in the 80s? He’s a football coach, not a politician.

The more recent allegations come from Cable’s ex and she isn’t exactly a stellar witness. For one, in the OTL interview, she apparently claims that Cable just hit her one day. Maybe it was just shoddy reporting by Colleen Dominguez but they really just dive right into it. Dominguez asks Cable’s ex when Cable first hit her and she claims he hit her at in a car parked at a restaurant. She gives no context (not that there’s any proper context to hit a woman), nothing. To the casual viewer it would seem Cable just punched her out of the blue.

We’re also skeptical of the second accuser because she’s a woman scorned. The last abuse she alleges is when she catches Cable with another woman and demands to see her and Cable tells her to get the fuck out while the accuser screams “I’ll fucking ruin you!” It’s not a real stretch to say their could be a credibility problem here.

But the biggest credibility problem is with ESPN. The alleged news network has no problem running this story just hours before the Raiders/Chargers game and even ran it again on Monday in case you missed it causing Raider fans to claim ESPN had it in for the Raiders. Obviously the Raiders are going to suck no matter what stories ESPN runs but for once Raider fans’ bitching wasn’t completely unfounded.

Earlier this year hotel employee Andrea McNulty brought a civil suit against Ben Steelers QB Rothelisburger for allegedly getting his Kobe Bryant on when she came up to fix his TV. ESPN didn’t report on the story for a few days after it broke, claiming a “long-standing” practice of not reporting on accusations against sports figures without a criminal case. Since Ben’s case was only a civil suit, ESPN felt it wasn’t a story.

Fast forward a few months later to this Cable story. Fairly old allegations of abuse, combined with zero criminal charges. Shit, there aren’t even civil charges, just words in divorce papers and a bitch with an agenda. Yet this is a total mega-story. Ben Rothelisberger, the most recent Super Bowl winning quarterback, allegedly rapes a girl during the offseason resulting in actual civil charges being brought against him. Not a story at all. It’s a good thing ESPN stopped pretending to be a news organization a long time ago. The Record is a news organization though, and it’s not surprising at all that their sports editor missed this major part of a story involving one of the local pro teams. It’s not like he has a weekly column in which he can opine on the world of sports in detail or anything


~ by Slick Diaz on November 3, 2009.

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