Change we can believe in

One of the unheralded changes in the new, improved Record blogs has been an update, or in some cases the addition of, pictures of the writers to put with their words. In some cases, it was just as simple as retaking another standard headshot. Others went artsy and put up pictures of them plying their craft (and, surprise, it’s mostly the web team employing this method).And there were others, like LENS editor Robin Nichols, that we got to meet (in a way) for the first time.¬†Unfortunately, there were others who neglected to take the opportunity to show an updated version of their face.

Fitzy apparently declined to show off that salt and pepper goatee he debuted at a SUSD Board meeting. We weren’t exactly clamoring to see what Lori Gilbert looks like nowadays considering we’re pretty sure her current pic was taken in 95. But there is one glaring omission that we were kind to looking forward to, and his name is David Siders. Or more specifically, David Siders’ beard.

You may not have known this, but his last headshot the Record’s City Hall writer has sprouted quite the facial garden. Legend has it that it just sprung up one day out of the blue and has stayed around ever since. We’ve always been big proponents of beards, myself having sported a neck curtain for a good chuck of my 20s, so we’d like to see Siders sport his proudly in his blog avatar.

Now, you can’t photograph David Siders’ beard without it giving you permission, so all we have to rely on right now is this artist’s rendering:


That’s pretty accurate, but your eyes just want to tell you it’s Chuck Norris striking a pose in a karate gi. It’s actually a drawing I did of David Siders hunched over his computer during a recent Council Meeting.

So please, whoever’s responsible for this stuff, free the facial hair. Let’s see that face fuzz in all it’s glory. Do it for us. If not for us, for ball cancer. But most importantly, do it for the people of Stockton, who deserve to see that we can trust a City Hall reporter with the gravitas to be a flannel shirt away from looking exactly like a lumberjack.

Small update: As Record reporter Daniel Thigpen pointed out to us on Twitter, we totally forgot to mention the addition of his beard to his Record blog headshot. We regret the error. An especially egregious error considering he was the only reporter to change their picture to include facial hair. Apologies to him and his awesome beard.


~ by Slick Diaz on November 4, 2009.

One Response to “Change we can believe in”

  1. Ok. I and my beard are not party to this. Apologies to the killer David Sides beard, but you have been outed. A picture should be forthcoming. From some source.

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