Quick Links for Nov. 6th

This is going to be quick, it’s been a long day. Quick Links!

When it rains, it pours

Earlier this week we once again took record Sports editor Bob Highfill to task for not dressing like Fred Flintstone for Halloween once again mailing in his sports column by writing 2 sentence bulletpoints on random subjects instead of focusing, in-depth, on a singular subject. We used to do this a lot more but we kind of backed off when we realized we shouldn’t care that much about a section that we never read and shares its pages with the classifieds.

But it looks like our most recent bitching about the quality of the Sports section paid off because Bob Highfill finally found a subject in which he could write more than a couple of sentences about, the Edison/West football controversy. Ironically, his opinion somewhat mirrors ours. The Edison PA announcer blows, and any official making a call based on what that guy says if fucking stupid. Sure, he said it more diplomatically, but the point stays the same. Dude’s a PA announcer, not a play-by-play announcer. He needs to work on correctly pronouncing the opposing team’s mascot before he can even start to think about getting his Gus Johnson on.

Save the tits!

It’s that time of year again when the Stockton Thunder “go pink” to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. Being a boob man, we can’t help but support this (my Aunt being a breast cancer survivor might have something to do with it too), even if holding a breast cancer event a week after Breast Cancer Awareness Month seems very …well, Stockton. Let’s just hope the ice stays frozen this time.

Alan Pettet continues being a jackass

Earlier this week there was some commotion over ADA-compliance suits after some douche from Sacramento sued Finnegan’s Pub and a barber. It brought forth a tweet-storm (oh no!) against the serial litigator and opened up some debate on the intent and enforcement of ADA laws. And then Dr. Claw (Our new supervillan nickname for Pettet)  came along and decided it’s the city’s responsibility to make sure he can get from the Marina to the Waterfront Warehouse. Thing is, he can get into the Waterfront Warehouse, he just has to go around to the front. Alan’s apparently too important for that and is demanding the City create an accessible ramp or something so he can get in through any door he pleases. Because, you know, that’s totally in the ADA code. Way to be self-centered media whore Dr. Claw. I’ll enjoy watching you fall on your face, both figuratively and literally as you try and enter the Warehouse through the rear.


~ by Slick Diaz on November 6, 2009.

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