Quick Links for Nov. 18th

Ready…set…Quick Links!

Goodbye closure

So the Johnny Ford thing is over. That’s nice I guess. We’ll never find out what happened, who got paid what, basically none of the fun stuff. All because an at will employee didn’t like the unneeded reason given for his dismissal. The City Council decided they were done with this openness bullshit and have agreed to private mediation with Ford.

So all that talk of openness was just a big fat pile of bullshit to placate a small but vocal  church community. All that sorely needed city money spent investigating this was for nothing. That report was nice and all, but the City Council can’t publicly make a decision on this? Really? Way to prove that you’re not the rudderless ship everybody thinks you are guys.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the other side. Prolonged litigation is costly. Eventually you just have to say “Enough” and tie a tourniquet around a wound s lowly bleeding away cash. In this case that tourniquet is probably a nice check and a non-disclosure agreement.

But at some point, after spending so much cash, you have to realize what you’re really buying. You’re buying closure. Sure it sucked to see 200 people out of Stockton’s nearly 300,000 citizens be able to cajole the City Council into spending money investigating the firing of one of their friends, but at the end of the day you could always look forward to the glorious clusterfuck that was going to be City Council’s eventual decision.

Ann Johnston gave us a preview a few weeks ago with that epic “I don’ t think this is in the spirit of the charter” speech. Imagine how awesome it would be if she ever articulated an actual decision! The most depressing part about this entire thing is that the City Council was going to have to be forced to grow some balls and take a controversial stance on something. To date their biggest moment is making Gordon Palmer waste time by spelling out all the possible budget options. This was going to be it, and instead of nutting up the City is taking the easy way out. Where’s that fighting spirit I expect from fellow Stocktonians?

And while we’re here…

We won’t get closure from this prolonged, expensive fight either will we?

Don’t think we’ll forget about all of this Johnny Ford shit as you try and distract us with the prison hospital fight. OK, actually, that’ll probably work. We won’t forget. We never forget (Speaking of, anybody hear from Stephen Grossman lately?). But the average Stocktonian? There’s a good chance they’ve already forgotten (Sandra Who?). But hey, at least public comment will be restored to 5 minutes again. Tocan Nguyen is stoked.

I guess it could be worse, we could have Australian media

This has no local angle, I just think it’s hilarious. This is an article from Herald Sun in Australia, which is apparently a real newspaper. A legit newspaper totally covering a classic pro wrestling press conference turned beatdown administered by the Nature Boy Ric Flair to one Hulk Hogan.

And just for fun, here’s a YouTube video of a Fox Sports report on the beatdown in which the reporter actually remarks “That looks very real” in a non-sarcastic tone (unless sarcasm gets lost in the Aussie accent or something).

Actually, that story and video probably got a shitload of hits now that I think about it. Maybe the Record should cover Luche Libra more.


~ by Slick Diaz on November 18, 2009.

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