Quick Links for Dec. 17th

Sorry for the incredibly late start this week. It’s been a long week on our end. But let’s try and forget about that and knock out some Quick Links! (One’s that hopefully won’t magically disappear like yesterday)

Johnny Ford may be over, but City Council meetings still have plenty of drama

We assumed that now that the Johnny Ford debacle has reached a completely unsatisfying conclusion, City Council meeting were going to return to the borefests that served as a great example as to why David Siders has our undying respect and why we’ll never run for public office. And we were right for a couple of weeks.

Then Ann Johnston did that thing she does where she shows she does as much prep for her job as Mayor as we put in for this site and pissed off developer T.W. Starkweather who basically took his ball and went home after having his integrity questioned by Johnston and Leslie Martin.

It was, in typical diva fashion, an epic dramatic exit as only the gays can do. David Siders documented the great play-by-play in his blog. Once again proving how to use the internet to compliment your reporting (something some people have yet to figure out). Obviously this whole thing can be easily solved with a good ol’ fashioned Diva Off. Mostly because I want to see Ann Johnston channel her inner Beyoncé.

We’re #98! We’re #98!

It’s been a while since anybody dissed Stockton via a flawed list, but MarketWatch.com’s rankings of the best cities for business decided to end that drought by naming Stockton the 98th best city out of 101 surveyed to open up a business. In other words, we’re the third shittiest place to open up a business in all of America. If we open up these prisons we might even topple the mighty Youngstown, Ohio!

Obviously we don’t buy into these rankings. Stockton only debuted on the list this year because they changed the criteria to include metro populations (aka, the surrounding area, not just Stockton city limits) over 500,000 people. Doing so doubled their list and pretty much cleared out the previous year’s bottom 10 cities.

Again, we put zero stock in these lists because they’re based on statistics alone, but this can’t be good for anti-prison advocates. While there are other issues such as payment for the added strain on city services, the whole “this will kill our business attractiveness” argument is (and already was) a crock of bullshit. We don’t have business attractiveness now, a trio of out of sight prisons out in the cuts isn’t going to change that.

So, yeah, thanks for taking your turn to dump on Stockton MarketWatch. See you next year.

Hope the $400,00 was worth it douchebag

We’ll leave you with a sad story out of Lodi where a special needs student collapsed in the Lodi High wrestling room. Staff attempted to revive him with CPR and were successful in maintaining his pulse, but he eventually died after being transported to Lodi Memorial. Details are scarce but we can’t help but think about that douchebag who sued Lodi High after he suffered cardiac arrest while playing dodgeball during PE and was saved by the quick acting staff. They didn’t act fast enough for him though due to a faulty defibrillator and he sued the district and won $400,000 and made the AEDs too much of a liability to keep on campus. We’re not saying that the device would have saved the life of the kid from yesterday, but if some doucher hadn’t lawyered up over the speed of getting his freaking life saved then this kid would at the least have had a better chance. Thanks asshole.


~ by Slick Diaz on December 17, 2009.

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