What we missed this week…

We got off to a slow start this week (and a slow end to last week if you want to nitpick) so we missed some things that we normally would have been all over. To rectify this we’re bringing back one of our many erratically used features that is essentially the Quick Links for stuff from the past. In order of awesomeness, here’s what we missed for the week of Dec. 14th.

El Guapo is no match for Zombie 209Vibe!

It was a little over a year ago that we broke the news of the death of 209Vibe. It was a sad day because we’ve always liked 209Vibe, it was a great place for us to easily find shows to include in the old “Shit to do” posts and it was really the only local publication that attempted to cater to a demographic born after disco died.

But what annoyed us most about its end was that it seemed so unnecessary. We completely understood the death of the print edition because of reasons ranging from sporadic distribution to the cost of actually printing it. We said at the time that, at the very least, they needed to maintain the website because it would be inexpensive and relatively easy to do. Plus, the website was so good (a great mix of professional content, a term I use loosely, and user-generated content) that it was hard to believe it came from the same people who produced the abomination that is recordnet.com. For a while we held out hope since the website, sans updates, was still up for months after its closure. It was kind of weird since we assume they still had to pay to renew the URL  and for the server space, but as long as it was still up there was hope it could make a relatively inexpensive comeback one day.

Eventually, like many of you probably, we just forgot about it. Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, there were signs of life. After a year-long coma 209Vibe popped back up on Twitter, mostly posting and retweeting show dates. If it was in this theoretical coma, the Twitter reemergence was the equivalent of a finger twitch. It wasn’t much, but it was a sign of life.

Finally, on Monday, 209Vibe opened it’s eyes and realized it still has a lot of life left in it. We’re not sure what 2010 holds for 209Vibe, but we’re just happy that news that matters to people under the age of 35 is coming back. Especially since the rest of the Record’s holdings seem to be going in the opposite direction.

Are we being Punk’d?

This column from Fitzy was just so horrible and sprawling we spend 2 days trying to point out just how wrong it is and eventually gave up. We ended up with something twice as long and it just made us feel crazy because we’re pretty sure we put way more thought into it than Fitzgerald did. But here are some of the bullet points.

The thrust of the column is that there are a lot of new, fresh ideas being held down by an older, oppressive, incumbent regime. Which is pretty hilarious coming from a guy in his 50s. It doesn’t take long to realize that his young, fresh ideas are actually just old school dirty hippie values. He opines on environmentalism and marijuana legislation (yes, again) and it is adorably misguided.

The environmentalism stuff we’ll let slide because we too think SoCal trying to hijack our water is total bullshit. But trying to pass off environmentalism as a fresh idea is just dumb. That battle isn’t new vs. old, if anything it’s north vs. south. Or at its very base, liberal vs. conservative. And that battle isn’t exactly new.

The pot stuff we’ve touched on before. We’re for legalizing hippie lettuce but we hate the bullshit excuses people give for legislation. Marijuana should be legal because I want to smoke it. End of story. I don’t give a shit about tax revenue and I could care less about its medicinal value. Pot should be legal because most people (myself included) have the personal responsibility to not let it take over their lives. Which makes it a lot less dangerous than alcohol.

Fitzy, on the other hand, thinks it would alleviate our overcrowded prisons thus making the whole prison hospital situation disappear. He’s wrong for many reasons but mostly because he’s taking a quote he ran in a blog last week and running with it.

The quote, by the hilariously named Margaret Dooley-Sammuli, is pulled from a press release (which means he didn’t even talk to her) and she is the only source for the post (always a sign of quality journalism). The gist of it is that she’s lamenting budget cuts to the already strained prison vocational training and drug rehab programs (programs that will be less strained once the state builds a re-entry facility and 2 prison hospitals on the outskirts of Stockton) while “California spends over $500 million a year to lock people up for nothing more than personal possession of an illicit people up for nothing more than personal possession of an illicit drug.”

Fitzy has obviously taken that to mean people are getting locked up for personal use of Mary Jane, which isn’t the case at all. You don’t go to jail for possession of amounts of weed that can believably be assumed for personal use. You get a ticket. You go to jail for possessing enough ganga to fill a house. The illicit drugs she was referring to are presumably the harder, chemically dependant drugs like meth, coke, and heroin. We know this because she’s bitching about funding cuts to drug rehab, and nobody goes to rehab for pot. Nobody.

So yeah, Fitzy’s idea of  oppressed fresh ideas are actually just remnants from an era that died at the hand of a shitty Rolling Stones concert 40 years ago. We’re not saying youthful, fresh ideas aren’t being held down by old ideals because they very much are. Just not the ones Fizty’s spouting off.

And on top of that, he threw David Harzoff and downtown redevelopment under the bus. Which was very Ann Johnstony of him, but his doing so almost made my brain explode. Guess it goes to show if you want to stay on his good side, return his calls right away. That’s why he still supports the undefendable Randy Paragary, but didn’t hesitate to throw Harzoff under the bus with glee. The man may have been a dick, but at least he was upfront with our man Fitz. And we all know how much Fitzy values honesty (Quick note: Caring about the area and trying to get a less biased judge are two different things. Also, that doesn’t qualify as lying).

This is why I love this town

This is probably my favorite story of the year (well, besides that time El Duke willingly took a punch from a midget wrestler). Guy gets his car stolen and finds it for sale on Craigslist. Most people in this situation would call the cops immediately. Not this guy. He set up a meeting under the guise of purchasing his  own car. After talking his friend in to giving him a ride over he somehow steals his own car back and ditches his helpful friend. What did that friend get for his troubles? His car stolen by the same car jackers. I fucking love this town. Somebody steal your shit? Steal it the fuck back! That’s what I call an eye for an eye.

Also, we have to note we like that this article wasn’t written in the dry, inverted pyramid style most newspaper writers are shackled to. While it may not be in the straight up conversational tone that most blogs use, it does have a more animated feel to it than most stories and we kind of like that. It may not work for every story, but in a story this hilarious it was a nice surprise.

OK, we’re out. See you next week.


~ by Slick Diaz on December 18, 2009.

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