Quick Links for Jan. 13th

Are we all still alive? We made it? We made it! Paywall day came and passed and, as expected, it was business as usual. Today is the real big day as people (including us) start hitting the paywall for the first time. Which is a shame because actual news kinda happened today. Luckily, we’re here to fill you in with today’s Quick Links! Click on them as much as you want without fear of paywall ramapercussions.

Up in smoke?

The most hilarious news in the Record today has to be Joe Goldeen’s story about our poor performance on a meaningless smoking cessation report card (.pdf warning) put out by the American Lung Association. The grades are based on stupid shit like smoking prevention laws and how well they are followed. We failed miserably because, well, who gives a shit? It’s smoking, which is already limited to a ridiculous degree.

But that didn’t stop local douchebag Ken Davis from chastising the area for its poor report card as if he was one of our “uncles” that Mom occasionally brings home trying to fill the void of father figure. Well, guess what Kenny? You’re not our dad. Quit bitching us out like the family trip to Disneyland is in jeopardy if we don’t get our grades up. Nothing is going to happen if we continue not taking this seriously. And frankly, we’re having trouble enforcing the less severe crimes as it is. So quit telling us how to live our lives and go back to doing that bang up job at Lodi Unified.

This week in “People we in no way envy…”

If you see interim SUSD Superintendent Steve Vaczovsky out at your local watering hole, buy the guy a drink. After being thrust into the interim role after only a few months with the district, he has to be hating life. Yesterday he had the unenviable task of telling the Board of Trustees during another marathon meeting that they needed to cut more money from the budget than originally projected. Normally budget overruns only surprise most of the City Council and Delta College trustees, so surely the educated folks in charge of the childrens’ education know that shit happens. I mean shit, half of the reason the budget is so fucked is because they bicker like the middle-schoolers whose destiny they control.

Sadly, that’s not the case. These are the people who had to have their own recall election rules explained to them by Clem Lee. Needless to say, this isn’t how recently profiled go-getter Beverly Fitch McCarthy wanted to start off her tenure as the new person everyone blames for shit (also known as Board President).

Go read all the coverage over at Roger Phillips’ stellar blog. Only in Stockton would people defend renaming a school that no one knows who exactly it was named after in the first place. Even if we don’t know who it was named after, Jose Hernandez doesn’t deserve it. Plus I’m pretty sure naming schools after living people is something the new Board President wanted to get away from since it worked out so well last time.

Annnnnd that’s about it with linkable news. Stuff we didn’t get to include why the Record felt the need to print another “Delta is ridiculously full” story after printing pretty much the same story a month or so ago, and the City settling a wastewater lawsuit (don’t worry, the penalties were just creating more jobs in lieu of monetary penalties). Hopefully more shit happens tomorrow. On a scale of “not worth it” to “Totally worth it” today’s Record rates: Sorta worth it, but not really.


~ by Slick Diaz on January 13, 2010.

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