Who said it!?

For a very short time we would pull quotes from the Record that sounded hilarious out of context and printed them here in a feature we called “Out-of-Context Quote of the Week”. It was fun because taking stuff out of context is always comedy gold. But sometimes the context can make a quote more funny, this is one such case.

So we implore you to read today’s Record or David Siders’ non-paywalled live blog of the City Council retreat to discover which business leader/powerful elected City official said the following about cracking City Manager Kevin O’Rourke’s incredibly puzzling “code”:

“That’s just too confusing.”

-on the City Council using incredibly cryptic “code phrases” such as “Can we move on?” (Code for moving on from a topic) and “Expanded dialogue” (continue the discussion) in meetings.

We’ll have an answer tomorrow!


~ by Slick Diaz on January 25, 2010.

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