Quick Links for Jan 28th

Holy shit, have we had a post every day this week? My God, we have. Sure Monday’s should barely count and Tuesday’s was an abortion of epic proportions, but they’re there! Let’s keep the good times rolling with today’s batch of Quick Links!

Just in case yesterday didn’t scare you off from ever running for public office… (Video warning)

As new pappy David Siders noted in his blog yesterday morning, we still have no money. This time around we have about $14 mil to cut, unfortunately the Fire budget (which eats up a big portion of the General Fund) is off-limits. Considering we had to cut some meaty parts of the budget last year to break even (most notoriously the tree trimming budget which comes back to bite us on the ass every time it gets particularly windy), the City’s going to have to get creative this time around.

In a move has to make the #stir folk proud, Susan Eggman has taken to the social networks to ask residents plugged into Facebook and Twitter what City services they feel are most important. So far people have been pointing to things that are basically bulletproof (roadwork, FD, etc), but at least people are involved and learning how this shit works.

$14 million doesn’t just fall out of the sky. You can’t just slash the coffee budget and call it good. Some very real cuts have to be made, down to (and including parts of) the bone. Maybe Allen Pettet and his cyborg army can run the libraries for a while.

First Avatar, now the iPad, how will our world be “revolutionized” next!?

Now that yesterday’s tongue-in-cheek Applegasm is over, we can get down to the nitty-gritty of Apple’s latest “must have” product, the iPad. Noted iPhone fan Kirk Barron set down his camera long enough to crank out a highly recommended blog post on the announcement. The biggest issue is that it’s essentially a big ass iPod Touch. My biggest issue with the unfortunately named product is the lack of basic computer functions like the ability to multi-task and the lack of Flash support. I’m not the biggest techie in the world so, again, you should check out Kirk’s post if only to motivate him to write more. Now if only we could motivate him to grow back that epic mustache.

Bris Isaak is going to be thrilled (h/t to @apollosfyre)

Apparently someone with really thin skin is offfended by the devilish connotations of Mt. Diablo and would like to change that. Not only does he want to rename it, he wants to rename it for the Gipper! Yes, for some reason Arthur Mijares thinks it would be a great idea to name the tallest mountain in one of the most liberal parts of the country after Ronald Reagan. I’m not against commemorating Reagan somehow, and nothing says “fuck you” to Bay Area hippies quite like renaming their highest peak after the most revered Republican of all time, but claiming that the name Mt. Diablo is offensive is itself offensive to my intelligence. It’s a fucking name, deal with it. That childhood saying about sticks and stones is around for a reason. So if the “Diablo” part really offends you, grab a rock and chuck it at the mountain and hope it doesn’t magically transform into rubber and make you glue.


~ by Slick Diaz on January 28, 2010.

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