Quick Links for Feb. 23rd

Good Lord it was a packed weekend. Extortion details dropped, the misery index seems to have adverse affects on Mike Fitzgerald, and Canadians! Let’s cover all the hilarity in today’s Quick Links!

Welcome our new Canadian overlord you hoser! (Non-paywalled here)

Remember last week when we said no news happens in February? Despite the events of the past couple days, that still rings true. While the sale of the Thunder brings the end of the City’s ill-advised bid to appear on the new TLC show “Flip This Team”, the actual sale isn’t exactly exciting because it’s essentially business as usual for the Thunder. The new owner is keeping the entire front office in tact and, as we said a year ago, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that the team would move when sold. So essentially all that’s changed is the signature on the checks. Of course, that didn’t stop The Record from commissioning two front page articles, video, multiple blogs, and live Twitter updates about a press conference that essentially repeated everything David Siders had already reported on the previous day. You know February is a slow news month when hockey news gets dragged out over multiple days. But hey, puff pieces about how much of a working class, salt of the Earth, blue collar man the new owner is won’t write themselves. Good Lord, all they were missing to push that angle was an impromptu Styx concert (we also would have accepted Rush performing “Working Man”).

On the bright side, instead of having some entitled rich kid owner spending daddy’s money as the Thunder owner we have an oil man in charge now (albeit his daddy’s oil). For this site’s sake I hope he turns out to be a Canadian Jerry Jones just for entertainment value. I’m pulling for a ridiculously large HD Jumbotron that blocks a majority of the cheap seat sightlines to be constructed in the Arena any day now. Hey, it’s better than a fucking sound tent blocking our view.

Sadly, since he is from up north, he’ll probably just be a folksy pushover that rarely visits. On the bright side we should be able to swing that merchandising deal in our favor now by politely asking over some Molson’s and a shot of maple syrup.

I will never look at the movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks the same again (paywall warning)

(Ok, before we get started, how many blogs do you know reference 40-year old Angela Lansbury movies? How many of you know Angela Lansbury did movies? The lesson is, I have a wealth of useless movie knowledge and am incredibly white.)

So we finally found out what my commenters have been telling me for weeks now. Sam Fant is a wuss. He’s also allegedly a freemason, bisexual, friends with cops, easily frightened by innocuous photos of himself, and not very good at making gay jokes. Either way, this Murrilo/Reyes/Fant “extortion” story has “typical Stockton drama” written all over it.

It turns out that the photo activist Ramiro Reyes was carrying around at all times like it was a picture of his child was just a picture of Fant talking with some cops outside of the Flamingo club. He wasn’t doing anything illegal, but according to Reyes it “doesn’t look good.” Which begs the question, what the fuck is up with Stockton and photos that don’t depict any illegal activity causing people trouble lately?

Of course, the bigger question is why Fant saw thought he needed to take action after Reyes requested some political favors in exchange for not making a fool out of himself in front of everybody. Sure, it pissed him off, but he wasn’t thinking out of the box. If he really wanted to get back at him the best course of action would have been to call his bluff.

If Fant’s anything like me he has plenty of drunk photos floating around. Hell, my current Facebook picture is me passed out clutching a beer can in a Lodi hotel room. I would have told Reyes to go for it and then grabbed a front row seat while Reyes busted out the slide projector at the City Council meeting (or whatever his master plan was). It would have been great. Reyes could have gone all doom and gloom only to pull out a picture of Fant smoking a stog outside the Flamingo Club while talking to a security guard or something. It would have been hilarious. But no, Fant had to go ask Dale Fritchen for his expert advice on embarrassing pictures.

Amazingly enough, he didn’t echo our advice to post them on Facebook, instead he came up with the solution that wastes the most tax dollars. When everybody is bitching about the diminished number of cops on the street, it’s probably a bad time to play FBI and wear a wire so you can incriminate a guy who clearly has a few screws loose. I understand Fant’s pissed, but if Reyes didn’t have anything incriminating doesn’t that kind of eliminate him as a threat? Quit using our tax dollars to fund eliminating your minor annoyance Mr. Fant. Just tell a clearly crazy man to piss off and go about your day so he can get back to being the World’s worst blackmailer.

Now you’ve just given him and his fringe political friend a chance to hurl wild accusations at you. Which is fine, I enjoy a good broomstick sodomy accusation as much as the next guy, but it’s wasting tax dollars. The guy isn’t a threat, he’s just a sad old man trying desperately to maintain some sort of relevance. Which is otherwise known as “The Tocan Nguyen special”.

Oh, and this guy (Last letter. And yes, letters to the editor being paywalled is dumb considering the readers write them) is insane. The coverage has been perfectly balanced and that mugshot doesn’t resemble Morales at all. Even if it did, it’s not like the Record can control that. They would have printed it even if he looked like the love child of Hilter and Bin Laden.

What a shitty situation

I have nothing really to add to this story. I just really wanted to use this headline. But I guess I should add that my most prolific pot smoking friend has IBS and it does jack shit for her shits. So take that for what it’s worth.


~ by Slick Diaz on February 23, 2010.

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