Quick Links for March 3rd

Now that we got all the backlogged links out of the way, let’s get to the timely shit in today’s Quick Links!

Ready to lose all faith in the justice system? (Paywall warning)

Remember Mallard’s? They were that high end Brookside restaurant that suddenly closed amidst allegations of fucking over pretty much everybody in their path.. They even fucked over their innocent employees by giving them no warning, writing bad payroll checks, and not paying for unemployment benefits that resulted in their jilted workers being unable to collect benefits while they began their impromptu job search. Long story shot, the Sangs (Mallard’s owners) are World class pricks.

Luckily, after a long legal battle, it looks like they’re finally going to get their comeuppance. Two members of the Sang family plead guilty to unemployment insurance fraud with their sick daddy expected to follow suit. The consequence of fucking over your employees and customers in such a blatant fashion? Restitution and 5 years probation. So they have to pay back the state for all the money they withheld from them and get told to never do it again despite, you know, having a history of doing shady shit like this. And paying back the state really does nothing for the dozens of employees left jobless during a time when the economy was well on its way to the lowly status it’s attained now. Thanks justice system! If Papa Sang doesn’t do any jail time then this is a fucked up world we live in. We need to build those prison hospitals so that ailing fuck can get what should be (but probably won’t be) coming to him.

Stockton blogging is all the rage now (More paywall, sorry)

You know those lame features that always grace the front page about semi-interesting/quirky things that become infinitely less interesting when you realize it’s a wire article from some Orlando paper? Well the Record ditched that for once and actually featured something from Stockton! Today they featured local blog Evil Chef Mom, a cooking blog that I don’t visit nearly enough because I can barely make Pastaroni without fucking it up. I can’t really add much besides this half-hearted endorsement of the site, but it’s nice to see some Stockton love on the otherwise inconsequential LENS section. Matt Beckwith and Rod Villagomez can’t hog all the local blog stories. I do have to add that it’s disconcerting that Evil Chef Mom is getting heat for some of her extra curricular comments on her blog. If those people read this site, their heads would explode. Of course, that’s why I only get indirect mentions in the Record.

The day the booty died

Like many sad, lonely, socially-retarded men on the internet, I kill a lot of time on craigslist. A lot of time. I blame it on that one time I nabbed a 40-inch HD TV from the free section. More often than not I’ll take a cursory glance at the personals section. I never expect much because it’s mostly scammers and porn bots on the women’s end, but it’s always fun to check out the missed connections to see what people even lonelier than myself do when they run into a good looking person who smiles at them.

Of course, any good round of craigslisting always results in a visit to the venerable casual encounters sections. For women, this means the comedy gold mine that is a bunch of ugly dudes living at home posting poorly worded pleas for pussy while posting pictures of what they claim is their dick. For guys, well, we get more porn bots. And the occasionally heavy set woman looking for her very own fat chick thriller. I’ve personally never answered one of those ads because I’d prefer my penis not rot off, but I still found the entire section to be a decent time killer.

But then something happened, no postings have appeared in the w4m section since February 18th. I’m aware there’s one guy who gets really pissed as if he just learned craigslist isn’t always on the up and up who started flagging every scammer and working girl on there, but even he can’t flag posts that fast. So the only conclusion is that Stockton chicks just aren’t horny anymore. At least not to the point where they’ll post spread eagle shots with the caption “come and get it” to random strangers. And that’s just sad. So let’s get to the bottom of this together. The future of hilarious, grainy, and revealing cell phone pictures taken by people who have no business taking pictures with that little amount of clothing on depends on it!


~ by Slick Diaz on March 3, 2010.

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