Snap Judgement Bar Reviews!

I’m still trying to catch up on all the shit that happened while I was gone, but one thing I didn’t miss was a new bar opening in Stockton. O’Ryleigh’s Tavern opened up Saturday just in time for the Pub Crawl so I naturally had to take a look.

RTD wasn’t running a trolly out there yet when my group decided to go (one of many problems RTD had that night) so we hoofed it from Bradley’s for a surprisingly short walk down Weber to California St. The friends meeting us there told is us was just around the corner from Taste, having no desire to pay $6 for a “recession-proof” you-call-it (let alone $100+ bottle service), those directions didn’t help as I’ve never been to Taste. Luckily after reassuring my friends that this part of downtown only looks scary because it’s nighttime, and paying a persistent bum $1 because I didn’t think he could do a backflip (I’d have paid him more had he ate it), we found Stockton’s newest Irish Pub and prepared to drink the Guinness that Bradley’s had already ran out of (it’s not like it was the St. Patty’s Day Crawl or anything).

The first thing you’ll notice is the place is brand new and looks it. I joked on Twitter that the place smells of rich mahogany, but that wasn’t just a tired Anchorman quote. The place smells new, like they just slapped the last coat of finish on last night. It was a ghost town when we got in there with just our friends and the bar staff inside so we snagged a table in the middle and were immediately impressed by the lazy susan, and impression that was amplified tenfold due to our wavering sobriety (“Holy shit! My nachos were here, and now they’re over there!”).

Speaking of nachos, O’Ryleigh’s had some excellent Irish Nachos as their Pub Crawl appetizer. How do you make a Mexican dish Irish? By using potato chips instead of tortilla of course. Needless to say, the part of our stomachs not occupied by the very filling Guinness was taken up by some kick ass nachos.

Eventually RTD got their shit together and started busing people over there and everybody cheered. No really, we literally cheered whenever a group would walk in. It was random and spontaneous but it was funny as hell and people seemed to enjoy the appreciation enough to join in when more peeps showed up.

If there’s one drawback to O’Ryleigh’s it’s that it apparently doesn’t have a full liquor license yet. I don’t want to get into the full details of the exact reasons we heard because our booze-addled brain may have mixed up the details, but it’s safe to say Stockton has a long way to go to streamline its permitting process. Hell, the Lexington’s bar still doesn’t have a liquor license and it’s been months. No wonder that thing gets foreclosed on every 6 months, who wants to stay at a place with no hooch?

But I digress, O’Ryleigh’s is awesome. It has good people, a down to earth atmosphere, and a stage that should result in more great shows downtown. Once they can start serving Jameson (like any self-respecting tavern should) at affordable prices these guys should do just fine. Well, as long as the Jersey Shore crowd from Taste stays away.


~ by Slick Diaz on March 15, 2010.

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