Quick Links for April 2nd

Dear Weather,

Make up your fucking mind already. It’s April and we’re in California, this kind of cold/breezy/rainy weather during the day followed by being ridiculously cold at night isn’t cool. Especially after last week’s sustained presence of the sun prompted me to box up all but one coat. Get this April showers bullshit out of your system and come back next week ready to provide us with bikini car wash weather. After the ridiculous winter you just had us endure, it’s the least you could do.

Good talk,

Reclaiming the Title

Now, Quick Links!

Wal-Mart headed for area least in need of one

So they’re going to build another Wal-Mart Supercenter. That sound you just heard was thousands of South Stockton and Weston Ranch residents joyously celebrating the arrival of a much-needed discount big box store. Let’s commence bursting their collective bubble. This Wal-Mart is going to be in North Stockton which, you know, already has a Super Wal-Mart. Even worse, it’s in the upscale Trinity Parkway neighborhood that already has an impressive collection of mom and pop killing big box retailers. All because some dirty hippies were presumably too stoned to do the one thing they do well, filing lawsuits claiming inadequate environmental impact reviewal, on time.

I could give a shit that they’re opening another Wal-Mart, frankly we need the jobs. The prison hospital project might not do much for Stockton’s army of unskilled workers (at least according to Mike Fitzgerald), but we don’t have that problem here because Wal-Mart is where unskilled workers are born, bred, and eventually sent off to die as greeters. My big issue is they’re placing it in an area that absolutely doesn’t need it. Trinity Parkway has the big box department store thing covered. Could they use a grocery store? Probably, but solving that problem with a Super Wal-Mart is like extinguishing a candle with a fire hose.

Even dumber, if someone ever there were a big Wal-Mart fanboy and only wanted to shop at the venerable store, the nearest one is a 10 min drive away in south Lodi. Meanwhile, south Stockton has to choose between Rancho San Miguel and…umm..Rancho San Miguel. They may not have a lot of money down there (which is how businesses like Wal-Mart decide where to put their stores), but that just means they need a discount retailer like Wal-Mart even more. Spanos Park West would probably like to have a Wal-Mart since driving into Lodi can be kind of a hassle sometimes, but that’s just it, they’d like one. If this project stalls they still have Target, Sonic, Lowes, etc. to fill that void. The southern part of our town needs a project like this because it can help improve the overall quality of life in that often ignored area. It’s unfortunate they won’t be afforded that opportunity.

Note to self: If you’re going to be around cops all day, don’t have drugs on you

I don’t really have much to add to this story outside of sarcastic jokes about instilling feelings of pride in my alma mater, but it’s still really fucking hilarious. A kid at Tokay participating in the simulated accident assembly that nobody pays attention to for Sober Grad went in for his simulated booking (which is way more intricate than the simulation I had as a student. But I also wasn’t paying attention, so who knows) and ended up really behind bars when Lodi PD checked the contents of his wallet and found a couple of morphine pills without a prescription. What kind of dumbass would keep his illicit medication on him for a booking he had plenty of prior warning about? If you said “some dumb fucking jock” you win a prize! Oh high school, I don’t miss you one bit.

Speaking of slow learners…

So the Final Four is tomorrow and I’m stoked. I was too lazy/drunk to remember to fill out a bracket so I have no rooting interest in the games besides obligatory Duke hatred, but I’m still excited for an excuse to drink and eat barbecued meats all day. UOP didn’t make the tourney this year, it was their second year in an 8th tier tournament called the CollegeInsider.com Tournament. Last year they lost in the semifinals. This year they lost the championship game after a particularly arduous travel schedule. But that ridiculous road trip wasn’t all for nothing, it finally helped the athletic department realize what everybody else knows. Namely that the CIT is completely fucking useless. I’m not sure why it took Bob Thomason and Lynn King 2 years to realize any college playoffs not named March Madness or NIT are a complete waste of time. I’ve met both of them, they’re smart guys. But after spending 2 weeks on the road they finally realized they were wasting everybody’s time (and money in the case of last year), they realized losing in the lowest level tournament was more demoralizing than not having a post league tourney life at all. Thank God, I was tired of feigning interest is non-televised playoff games.

Ok, I’m out for the weekend. Time to get drunk.


~ by Slick Diaz on April 2, 2010.

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